Respect statues of Hitler? — and other links.

Marjorie Taylor Greene says even statues of Hitler deserve to stay up. “it’s so that I could tell my children and teach others about who these people are and what they did.” This is a common argument but not a good argument: nobody needs to see statues to explain history. That’s why we have history classes (though of course various Republicans are freaking out if they teach about how much racism there is in our history).

And while most Americans would probably be comfortable with a statue showing Hitler as a tyrant, a lot of people would be furious if, say, statues of Robert E. Lee included text to the effect that “Lee captured free blacks wherever he occupied union territory. He sent them south into slavery. WEB DuBois describes Lee as a traitor, not only to his country, but to humanity and humanity’s god.”

You may have heard Greene and others compare singling out the unvaccinated in any way is equivalent to the Holocaust. So naturally one firm got the idea to sell yellow Holocaust stars with “not vaccinated” on them. No surprise — the idea that religious conservatives are persecuted as badly as Jews in the Holocaust has been around at least 15 years. Still bullshit

The vast majority of Antifa/BLM protests were peaceful. Nevertheless, Sedition Day support Rep. Andy Biggs thinks they’re just as bad as the Jan. 6 coup attempt. Let’s not forget that weeks ahead of time, there were plans for the Jan. 6 gallows to go up. And then there’s the post-1/6 threats against lawmakers. Still, the Gateway Pundit propaganda bullshit site insists the conduct of the insurrectionists was unimportant — what matters is that Pence disrespected Trump.

Former national security adviser Michael Flynn advocates for a military coup.

Idaho’s Deputy Governor shores up her Trumpite cred by banning local mask mandates while she was briefly in charge. Happily the governor reversed her.

Paul Krugman suggests the problem isn’t just Republican support for Trump, but that they’re a bunch of cowards, too scared of their own voters. As witness they won’t even come out against QAnon, any more than they did the Birther conspiracy. B

Texas power plants are prepping to avoid another nightmare power outage like this past winter. The state is fine with consumers paying for it.

Good for President Biden, calling out the Republicans who voted against the new relief bill. Some actually tried to take credit for it. Small wonder Republicans want to kill democracy so that nobody can hold them accountable for anything. It’s the one thing they’re all united on.

Judges have let most of the Sedition Day rioters go free until trial. But they’re not getting many plea bargains.

New Yorker Amy Cooper lost her job after she called police on a black man watching birds in Central Park. Now she’s suing her company, claiming she’s the real victim of racism. The Mary Sue weighs in.

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