Let’s finger-wag at some people, shall we?

“In two late-night Venmo transactions in May 2018, Rep. Matt Gaetz sent his friend, the accused sex trafficker Joel Greenberg, $900. The next morning, over the course of eight minutes, Greenberg used the same app to send three young women varying sums of money. In total, the transactions amounted to $900.” — nope, not suspicious at all. Especially when his women employees defend him … anonymously.

White supremacists are big on replacement theory, where Jews are plotting to make this a non-white country. Tucker Carlson says it’s true! Similar anxieties motivated the Sedition Day revolution. Jim Bakker, however, thinks the real threat is the coming zombie apocalypse. He’s not kidding, though I’m sure he knows he’s lying.

How about Amy Chua and Jeb Rubenfeld of Yale Law? Although neither of them is currently teaching, having been suspended for their treatment of students (harassment in Rubenfeld’s case; I’m guessing as he refuses to say if he’s still being paid, he is)). Chua is banned from socializing with students as part of the deal, but oops, she did anyway (parties at the couple’s home). Chua says the complaints are bullshit, some students say otherwise.

The GOP investigation into North Carolina voter fraud found nothing but it won’t change the narrative about stolen elections: “The “respectable” Republican position is that while the 2020 election may not have technically been stolen restoring the confidence of the typical Trump voter that it was requires vote suppression and plenty of it, with strong hints that if Trump asks them to steal the next election they’ll oblige.”

Male supremacist Jordan Peterson thinks a current Marvel arc involving the Red Skull makes the Skull sound like Peterson.

Senator Joe Manchin says he refuses to end the filibuster, which in the current Senate is impossible. He says the filibuster pressures both sides to reach bipartisan solutions; I wonder what he’ll say when that doesn’t work (and it won’t).

Two cops pulled over a black Army officer and allegedly pepper-sprayed him, kicked him and told him he’d better not tell anyone.

Some good news:

Trump officials aren’t finding it easy to re-enter the corporate world, though I’m sure that will change.

Biden’s taking executive action on gun control.

The White House is also working on help to save renters from eviction, but it’s tricky.


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