Everyone knew (and other undead sexist links)

“One of the worst things about experiencing gender discrimination, hostile work environments and sexual harassment over the many years of my career was that I was usually believed. ” — TV writer Marti Noxon on how the abusers she dealt with were an open secret on their TV shows but nobody did anything (I think this post of mine is relevant). Noxon doesn’t reference Joss Whedon in her column, but others have — including Michelle Trachtenberg, who was 15 when she was on the show (and says a rule developed never to let Whedon be alone with her). Eliza Dushku weighs in too.

Noxon also has some good suggestions for shows (I’d say any organization) dealing with problems of this sort. No alcohol or drugs on the set. Interview people who leave the show to find out if there were problems. Have a succession plan in place so that your star/show-runner isn’t indispensable. Because it’s not enough to take abusers and harassers down, we have to block whatever vulnerabilities in the system let them get away with it.

Here’s another system that let them get away with it. Allegedly the Lincoln Project did too (male/male in this case). Influential evangelical Ravi Zacharias got away with abuse for years, leaving some of his followers questioning what he taught. This is probably wise. For reasons why, Fred Clark discusses his admiration for abusive monster John Howard Yoder’s writing and having to ” try to separate the truths they taught me from the lies I might also have learned from them.”

Testosterone levels are not a practical way to screen out trans-women from women’s sports.

“I don’t get why, when I recently made an appointment with a pediatric ophthalmologist, the nice young woman who helped me had to ask — just “to be sure” — if I was indeed the policy holder for my daughter’s health insurance.” — Fernanda Santos on experiencing the way society treats single women.

Why do women have wide hips? According to an incel, hips are handles that make it easy for men to rape them, which proves rape is natural. Another incel advocates a twisted version of communism where men control the means of reproduction, which is to say women.

Sexist/racist writing advice: “Make your Latino family more Latino. Like have them make tamales for Christmas.” “Wrote a Desi character into my show and an exec said: ‘she seems too regular, I wanna see her be really fucking Indian'” “I once had someone outright tell me as a woman I couldn’t write realistic men and I was too young to write believable older women.”

According to his classmates at Patrick Henry College, newly elected NC congressman Madison Cawthorn was a notorious campus sexual predator.

“Mental health experts have recently begun to explore the connection between public acts of violence and misogyny, which is a connection many women already knew existed, and that is why their skin runs cold when they hear someone calling, Oh, Naaaaaaancy.” — Monica Hesse on the Jan. 6 men hunting Nancy Pelosi.

Support for the fossil fuel industry may be that it represents a performative masculinity.

The Pentagon delayed promoting female generals for fear of pushback from the Trump administration.

To wrap up with, Tennessee conservative Rep. Jerry Sexton has filed a bill that would give fathers the right to veto a woman’s abortion. They don’t have to present DNA, simply sign an affidavit that they’re the father and present it to a court; if the court accepts it, the woman faces penalties if she goes ahead. Reading the bill’s text and about paternity rights in Tennessee, it strikes me that there’s a)nothing that says a rapist can’t do this; b)the father’s name doesn’t automatically go on the birth certificate, which sounds as if it won’t, for example, obligate him to pay child support (I’m not an attorney so this is only a guess).


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