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Want to be a “thought leader?” For a mere $2,000, Rolling Stone will consider publishing your work (but won’t guarantee it).

Bellingcat is shaking up journalism by going to sources nobody elese will use.

As for local journalism, it’s still doing some great work but the future still looks bleak.

Sometimes it’s not doing great work: how not to write a headline.

1950s TV is notorious for showing us a male-dominated, white world. A 2018 book argues it could have been different. I’m not sure I buy the premise (as Homeward Bound shows, the cultural pressure against independent women was intense), but I look forward to reading the book.

I’ve written fanfic (not in a long time). I’ve read some amazing fanfic. I am unimpressed by specfic writer RS Benedict’s claims all fanfic writers suck.

Following Reading Rainbow‘s “Conan the Librarian” cartoon skit, we almost had a Conan the Librarian cartoon series on PBS. The original ‘toon is here.

Zendaya says she turns down a lot of scripts where her role is appendage to the guy. Good for her! Meanwhile, Hollywood continues casting ridiculously young women opposite older males.

The Mary Sue rips into the new The Stand series for equating sexual liberation/chastity with good/evil.

Did the NYT fire a journalist for a pro-Biden Tweet?

” A gender swap isn’t about giving a woman character status and importance by making her a man or by giving her a traditionally male role. It’s about letting the narrative present not-male characters with the same qualities men have long been valorized for and which women and other marginalized and under-represented genders have always possessed but too rarely been allowed to express.” — Kate Elliott on gender-flipping stories.

A YouTube video on problems with Rick and Morty. I watched one episode and didn’t care for it, so I admitted I’m biased to agree.

If the trailer/publicity tells you what a movie is like and you go ICK, no, you do not have to give it a chance.



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