Kicking off POTUS 46

President Biden’s off to a good start with a flurry of executive orders undoing Trump’s Muslim travel ban, putting undocumented immigrants back in the census and killing the border wall. He’s got Trump Virus plans too, but they’ll need Congressional buy-in. And he’s written an executive order directing federal agencies to act on a Supreme Court decision that LGBTQ discrimination is sex discrimination, therefore illegal. He’s forcing out some of Trump’s hack appointees.

There’s still much work to do, but as Paul Campos says, “it seems likely that one day people will look back on it as the beginning of the end of something. Just what that something will end up being remains up to us.

And hey, the nuclear codes are no longer in the hands of a stupid, narcissistic sociopathic bigot. That in itself is good news.

While some QAnon believers have decided Biden is working for Trump against the pedo-cabal (there’s one theory he is Trump in a Face/Off type mask), others have woken up and smelled the coffee. Was it all just a scam (spoiler: yes)? But then we have the left-wing nincompoops of Jacobin explaining that QAnon had some good ideas — and it was able to unite blacks, whites and Jews just as long as they were all political paranoids, isn’t that awesome? As explained at the link, no it wasn’t.

But non-Q political paranoia remains a thing, with right-wing pundits bringing back warnings Biden will march conservatives into concentration camps. Or the liberals will kill Biden and blame it on conservatives. No surprise: Republicans have refused for years to rein or even acknowledge their extremist wing. Why piss off guys who’ll vote Republican simply because they’re willing to kill? The party is lashing back at people who didn’t support the coup. Which makes it bad the Justice Department is considering letting some of Vanilla Isis walk because there’s just too many to charge. As Erik Loomis says, they created the DEA to prosecute the war on drugs, but they can’t spare resources to fight an insurrection?

Me, I think having a female VP and a “Second Gentleman” is awesome, and long overdue; this dude thinks it’s emasculating.

And it’s not like all the good news is from Washington: ex-Michigan governor Rick Snyder has been charged with neglect of duty over the Flint, Mich. water crisis. It’s only a misdemeanor, but any degree of accountability for the powerful is good news. Trump’s future doesn’t look great either (and that’s just money, not considering the legal cases against him).

To end on a humorous note, Paul Davis, one of the mob that stormed the Capitol is suing to block the “Usurpers” — Congress and Biden — from changing Trump’s policy on the grounds it goes against the laws of Gondor. No, not from The Onion.

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