Today is not the day Donald Trump becomes president

Despite the conviction of QAnon believers and some prophecy believers that Trump’s every defeat is just a chess move bringing him closer to victory, Joe Biden will be inaugurated today. As I learned from the Obama years, there will be no shortage of right-wing bullshit to blog about, but at least it won’t be coming from the White House.

I doubt the Vanilla Isis coup earlier this month would have changed that, but it could sure have done plenty of damage (despite FBI warnings of possible violence). So let’s pause and look back — It seems the rallies from which it sprang were the work of established Washington players. West Virginia Republican Derrick Evans was part of the attack, and has a long history of harassing abortion clinics (“He knew everyone’s full names, said Katie Quinonez, the executive director of the Women’s Health Center — and would repeat them, again and again, on his live stream.”) and gays.

People are dealing with having family, neighbors and fellow cops participating in the coup. Nancy Pelosi says any lawmakers found to have aided or abetted may be prosecuted. A woman who flew to DC in a private jet to “storm the capitol” has been arrested. A number of people on the terrorist watch list arrived for the event. Rep. Sean Moloney said one of his fellow congress-people had allegedly shown some of the attackers around the Capitol before the assault. He didn’t name names, but for some reason Rep. Lauren Boebert took it personally.

Trump allies have declared the coup was the straw that broke their camel’s back. Apparently the repeated lies and bullshit lawsuits to get a coup without violence were A-OK with them (and with Moscow Mitch). LGM predicted the calls for unity, healing and moving forward back in 2018. Curiously, unity means we should forgive them, not that they should support Trump’s impeachment.

Some Trumpers remain optimistic.  Neo-Nazi Robert Rundo is convinced the coup was the beginning of the end for his white supremacist struggle. Some people are ready, like the woman arrested at an inauguration checkpoint who claimed she was a cop and a cabinet member. Or the guy who said he just got lost and forgot all the weapons in his car. And the Bay County, Florida, Republican Party (this is in the Panhandle, near where I used to live) says Biden is not president and they will only refer to him as the president-imposed. One terrorism expert says it gets worse from here. But for right-wingers it’s all part of Pelosi’s scheme to crush them and take their guns (which is much worse than terrorism). Did you know Mitch McConnell’s statements were fed to him by … Illuminati gang signs?

While some QAnon believers are starting to suspect the revolution against the mythical pedophile conspiracy will not happen, QANon text messaging claims Trump’s about to launch his next move today. This QAnon believer urges her fellows to stay the course — this is not the time for summer soldiers! That’s not good because QAnon is warping minds. Oh, and QAnon Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene plans to file to impeach Biden. While this could just be building herself up for a presidential run, she does have a history of bullshit beliefs (no plane crashed into the Pentagon! Obama is a Muslim!). And Christians seem to be quite susceptible to political paranoia.

Speaking of bullshit, a Politico blogger claims it’s a shame Twitter blocked Trump because he was so entertaining, and Biden will make things booooring. I would be quite happy with a boringly competent four years, though I’m sure we’ll see plenty of fireworks.

Meanwhile, in the last days of the Trump administration —

There’s allegedly a thriving market among Trump’s legal team and allies selling access for pardons. Not a unique issue to Trump, but as usual he’s taking it to the max.

The acting defense secretary is pushing to have a GOP operative installed as the NSA’s top lawyer. Don’t know what significance that has, but I doubt it’s good.

The Trump administration vowed to speed up vaccinations by tapping the government’s vaccine reserve. They didn’t have one.

Trump’s trade war with China was supposed to boost our economy and hurt China’s. He blew it.



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