So Trump inspired a violent insurrection yesterday …

So as you’re all probably aware, a party of Law and Order voters have erupted into violence in Washington. Oh, wait, I forgot my talking points: the right-wing excuse is that they’re all antifa and BLM brilliantly disguised in MAGA hats and Confederate flags!

Despite Giulani trying to slow the count Congress certified the results: Biden is president. It looks like the revolution will fail despite Trump’s clumsy dog-whistling of support (he tells people go home in-between babbling about how horrible and unjust Biden stealing the election is). Or his tweets about how a “sacred landslide election victory” was stolen from great patriots. Or Tucker Carlson supporting the “patriots.” And despite the fact that instead of putting down the insurrection, we’re seeing DC cops who take selfies with terrorists. The Cabinet is talking 25th amendment (I’m not anticipating a result, but it would good) and Rep. Ihlan Omar is drawing up impeachment charges. As Paul Campos says, if Trump stays in office, this may not be rock bottom. Even given the revolutionaries were — well, this woman.

I don’t think my mind has entirely accepted that it happened, and wasn’t just scenes from some low-budget direct-to-video movie. So not much else to say. However Paul Campos’ comments on dealing with sociopaths seem relevant: “Political systems in particular and societies in general both depend on the maintenance of informal norms as much or more than they do on adherence to formal rules. The most basic norm is that these systems/societies assume that sociopaths are and will remain extreme outliers, and that therefore they can be constructed on the basis of that assumption.

For example, contract law in the United States legal system simply wouldn’t work if most or even a large minority of contracting parties were sociopaths, because in game theoretical terms the most personally advantageous thing for a contracting party to do in a huge number of situations is to defect. This is because in those situations the cost of enforcing contract rights will outstrip the benefit to the enforcing party of enforcing them, and the defecting party knows this.”


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