Three-quarters there!

So with Undead Sexist Cliches proofed, this week I had a lot more time to focus on proofing my steampunk novel, Questionable Minds. Today I did some math and realized I’m slightly past the 75 percent done mark. That’s a wonderful surprise. I’ve been so focused on what I haven’t gotten done, it’s a real thrill to know I have, in fact, made serious progress. I don’t expect to have it done this year, but maybe January?

On the downside, I didn’t get much done on Alien Visitors. One movie watched (Earth vs. the Flying Saucers). Rough drafts of a couple of chapters. I think part of the problem focusing is that it’s not as encyclopedic as The Wizard of Oz Catalog or Now and Then We Time Travel. Covering everything is a simple concept (though McFarland was probably right that this topic is too big); covering specific topics with just one or two sample films is a good deal harder. How many films do I need to watch to get a feel for a given subgenre? Which is the right film? However I have a deadline in nine months, which should give me an incentive to figure it out ASAP.

Oh, and I ran Undead Sexist Cliches through the Scrivener spellcheck, caught a few more errors.

I think I’d have been more productive but it was another week where TYG’s schedule got crazy and that affected mine, as always. But hey, 75 percent ain’t nothing. I’m feeling good.

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