The struggle is real! So is the idiocy and the terrorism

So I started putting together this link post before the Supreme Court shut down the Texas lawsuit (to the horror of Newsmax). But Trump’s legal team are still running up big bills — er fighting for the president —so I think the points below remain valid.

Trump and his Republican disciples continue fighting to throw out the election they lost. As their lawsuits keep going nowhere, Trump’s resorting to calling Republican state leaders and asking them to throw out the results (another example here). He should go to jail for that once he’s out of office — it’s illegal — but I doubt he will. I also doubt Pelosi will refuse to seat the Republican representatives who supported the Texas lawsuit. It’s true they may have done so under pressure and knowing it would go nowhere, but it’s just as true if the Supreme Court had ruled for Trump, none of them would have protested the coup. As Steve M. says, membership in the Republican Party should no longer be respectable.

As Jamelle Bouie says, Republicans did better than expected. Contrary to predictions that the more people vote, the better Democrats will do, we had record turnout and Republicans who weren’t President Man Baby did well. They even did better among people of color than they did in 2016. That’s a good sign for them, but they still act as if voter suppression were the only way they can win. It’s a reflex now. And multiple Republicans defeated around the country are insisting they were robbed (““It’s on principle that we will not let up until the truth is known.” says one candidate as if the truth of his 70 percentage point defeat was in doubt).

It’s no surprise Trump paints himself and his supporters as tragic victims. It’s hrder to explain Hail Mary plays like Texas AG Ken Paxton who wants other states’ results thrown out (Democratic wins, of course) because Texas doesn’t like how they run elections — which is not something Texas gets to decide. Or Pennsylvania Republicans suing because laws on voting by mail that they supported delivered a Biden win; that’s the case the Supreme Court just threw out. Both cases run into the same problem: the time to sue over election law is not after the election.

Part of the cause is undoubtedly that if Trump does cheat successfully, Republicans are on-board. Possibly fear is a factor: the Republican majority leader in the Pa. Senate said if she doesn’t fight the result she’ll be bombed out of her home. Or maybe she’s exaggerating. Or giving herself an excuse to show support for Trump (you’d think being threatened by your own party is a reason to reconsider your allegiance, but no).

Either way I’m sure Steve M. is right and the Republicans will graduate from harassing state officials to harassing electors—some of them are already promising to intimidate state legislators to get the “right” electors sent. For both of which people really need to go to jail (I gather no arrests so far). Even if the coup doesn’t succeed, Paul Campos is correct, it’s becoming toxic.

Michelle Goldberg points out that when a restaurant refused to serve Sara Huckabee Sanders, Trump’s then-press secretary, it was not only news, it sparked heated discussion about why liberals are so intolerant (something I’ve covered before. And here). Like me, and others, Goldberg concludes there’s a double standard: “it’s pretty routine for Trumpists to threaten and intimidate people who work in both public health and election administration” and nobody cares. Though she sees it as the lack of electoral consequences, whereas I think it’s more that being bigoted bullies is on brand for Republicans. As she says it’s routine. Republicans are not mocked as often as they should be when they decry divisiveness in politics—let’s face it, nothing says divisive like lying that the other side stole your country.

Trump, meanwhile, is doing his best to make America worse. And make it more polluter-friendly. Fortunately the policies in the article can easily be undone by executive order once Biden takes the helm. Other changes, not so much.

Many evangelical Christians such as Eric Metaxas are saying they’d martyr themselves to overturn the election results — which, even given Eric Metaxas is at no risk for martyrdom, is a startling statement. Slacktivist concludes Metaxas made a conscious choice to embrace folly. Libby Ann suggests creationism has trained a lot of Christians to reject critical thinking.

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