This is probably not safe behavior

For Wisp, that is. When she follows us, sometimes she’ll just lie out in the street like this. Cars come; she just stays there and double-dares them. Fortunately the drivers either navigate around her or they go slow enough she can get up. And I usually try to chivvy her to safety. Still, given she’s survived at least three years on her own, I would have assumed she had better sense about cars.

On the plus side, she came in for breakfast every morning this week. I turn the back door lock, she comes out of the heated shelter we have on the deck. She eats, then she usually sleeps on the couch next to me, and eventually up and leaves. This throws off my morning schedule because when I exercise she freaks out; at first I tried doing it later in the day, but that’s inconvenient. Today I woke up early and tried a different solution: meditation, stretching and exercise, only the inviting Wisp in. It worked better. I’ll try that again.

My goals for November — I’ve no idea. Very unusually for me I lost track, so I don’t really know how I performed. As there’s no rewards or anything attached, it doesn’t really matter but I do take pride in reviewing my progress. I think the miasma has lifted though.

And I did have a productive week. My Leaf quota. Proofing through most of Chapter Eight (abortion and birth control) in Undead Sexist Cliches. A few chapters of Questionable Minds edited and almost all of the book marked up in red pen (a lot of the marks are just “fix this” so it’s not really edited yet). No writing done on Alien Visitors but a couple of movies and some TV watched.

TYG had to take Plushie into the vet Tuesday when he seemed to have trouble walking. Turns out we have not been doing our share of home rehab (heat to his hips and massage) so despite the laser treatment, his muscles have been stiffening a little. We applied the heat treatment today and yesterday and it seems to perk him up. He’s not enthused about sitting there, but with enough petting and cuddles we can make him do it. So we shall!


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