So how will 2020 end?

What a year.

Murder hornets. Pandemic. Trump melting down and trying to steal the election. How do you wrap up a year like 2020?  The Washington Post decided to ask some screenwriters. It’s not easy to have a fun take on 2020, but they managed. For example complaining about Trump as the Big Bad “You can’t get inside him,” Attie says. “He doesn’t have the same inner life, emotional life, as a three-dimensional character that you want to write about. I don’t know how to make that interesting. It’s not nuanced. It’s not contradictory. He’s not at war with himself.”” Or “He’s almost like Jaws,” he says. “A massive creature causing destruction, but without anything that seems to resemble, you know, motivation or logic. So, that’s good for spectacle, but bad for character.”

It’s a hoot. I recommend reading it. I’ll be back Monday with some serious political commentary again.

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