Thoughts on victory

When the projections were of a Democratic landslide, I’d anticipated a post starting with “this is not the beginning of the end, but it is the end of the beginning.” Given the courts are solidly conservative and Congress is divided, I’m not sure it’s even that. But that said, Trump is out. Defeated. All his vague schemes and plans to steal the election came to naught. And he was an incumbent president and they usually win. So Biden’s win is no small thing. Neither is having a vice president who’s a woman, black and Indian. That’s very cool.

Trump is the most venal, corrupt president of my lifetime. Even leaving office, he’s grifting: half of any funds raised to fight the Biden victory in court go to pay off Trump’s campaign bills it’s in the small print. And oh, how shitty that narcissistic bully must be feeling as I type this: “All he knows and all he needs to know is that he isn’t getting what he wants, and that he’s being humiliated before everyone because he isn’t getting it, and this is the worst thing that has ever happened to anyone.” I’ve seen photos of him returning from the golf game where he heard the news and he looks miserable (leading to one charge calling the election was timed to ruin Trump’s game).

I will admit I also take some schadenfreude in how various Trump supporters on FB who laughed at the idea America would elect a Democratic libtard over God’s chosen must be feeling today. Or this guy, a self-proclaimed prophet who argues God would not possibly let a prophet be wrong, ergo Trump must win.

The right wing is ranting about how Biden’s victory is not only election fraud represents the socialist takeover of America. But take a look at a Love.Joy.Feminism post on what the right-wing Focus on the Family predicted by 2012 if Obama won in 2008: streaming porn available everywhere! Straights pushed out of the military! Persecution of anti-gay Christians! The Democratic candidate will always be a radical threat to American freedom.

No More Mr. Nice Blog points out the pollsters were less successful than 2016 because Biden’s projected margin of victory was much larger than Clinton’s.

A Latina novelist discusses one reason many Latinos voted Trump.

Vox concludes that red states didn’t react to the pandemic the way blue states did, and that a lot of voters just want normal back. And Trump said he’d get it for us, easy.

Paul Campos wonders how much of Trump’s support is tied to Trump himself, as the charismatic (yes, I know) leader and how much is racism. Because that will affect what happens next. Much good discussion in the comments. No More Mr. Nice Blog agrees the country isn’t more conservative than it used to be but there is greater loyalty to Trump. He sees the future differently from Campos though. Libby Anne concludes we’re way more racist than she’d hoped.

Some evangelicals are worried that support for Trump will hurt their witness. Slacktivist says no problem because “white evangelical support for Trump and for Trumpism is its witness. This is the gospel that white evangelicalism proclaims and embodies.”

Monica Hesse says that the Republican dream of making liberals cry may never go away.

A-OC, making sense as usual, discusses why state-level races didn’t go better for Democrats. Here’s some of what did work. The more centrist/conservative Democrats have a different take. Here’s another take.

On the plus side, Nevada wrote legal gay marriage into the state constitution, so even revoking Obergefell won’t affect it there. And in Ohio, a deputy fired for being lesbian is now the sheriff. And if Harris is vice president, she knows things no other veep knows.

And finally — Trump lost! Hurrah!


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3 responses to “Thoughts on victory

  1. Whatever happens from here forward, it’s just nice to know the nation the nation stood up and told that bastard ‘no!’

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