Is it an October surprise? Or completely predictable?

I’m not shocked that John F. Kennedy Jr. isn’t secretly alive and won’t be Trump’s new running mate. Apparently some QAnon-ites are. I’m also not shocked that most of the people being arrested for violent protest and destruction of property aren’t antifah. Nor that Trump is once again ignoring his Trump Virus task force.

I’m a little surprised Ted Cruz is worried about Charles Manson voting.

I am, however, shocked that Fox News is unintentionally hurting the Republican vote by parroting the party line and warning Republicans against voting by mail.

I’m also pleasantly surprised Joe Biden is raising money to fight any Republican legal challenges if he wins. We’ve actually learned from 2000. Especially given Amy Coney Barrett refuses to say that Trump intimidating voters or refusing to leave office would be illegal.

Not surprised: Trump bragging he could pressure corporate executives into contributing to his campaign.

Not surprised: Texas allowing social workers to turn away not only LGBTQ clients but the disabled. After all, if you’re going to allow one kind of discrimination, why not others?

Okay, this was a little surprising.

Trump and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s deal with FoxConn, the Taiwanese multinational was supposed to bring manufacturing back to the U.S.! I’m not surprised by either the corporate incompetence that followed nor how Republicans are perfectly fine with spending our tax dollars when corporations are the recipients. And it’s no surprise the administration is trying to give a large chunk of the 5G spectrum to a Republican-connected company without any bids.

As a journalist I’m less surprised than appalled by a network of faux news sites publishing Republican bullshit, if they pay to play.

The New York Post‘s supposed blockbuster expose on Hunter Biden was so bad, the writer wouldn’t put his name to it.

A shelter for domestic-violence victims put up a Black Lives Matter sign. Cops are now cutting contact with them.

There’s no way Trump can disavow QAnon.

No surprise that Trump’s still floundering to run an effective campaign. Nor that Republican insiders knew the Trump Virus was worse than he pretended.

Liberal blogs have joked for years about how bad a libertarian-run government would be. I’m not surprised that when the libertarians got the chance, it was every bit that bad.

I’m not surprised Republican candidate Madison Cawthorn’s saying the quiet parts out loud (“He quit his academia job in Boston to work for non-white males, like Cory Booker, who aims to ruin white males running for office.”).

The complicated truth about Thom Tillis and Donald Trump’s stance on insulin prices.

I’m sort of shocked the cofounder of the Federalist Society — the ones who push right-wing judges like Kavanaugh and Barrett on us — wants Trump impeached. Then again, they’ve gotten lots of judges out of Trump, so why not seize the moment to pretend he’s a man of principle?

Nor am I surprised that the potential Biden win is bringing out the bad guys. And more bad guys.

So what if you’re exceptionally vulnerable to the Trump Virus? Why shouldn’t you risk your life to vote?

Unsurprisingly, sanctuary cities that don’t cooperate with ICE are not seeing a crime wave.

I’m pleasantly surprised Purdue Pharma paid any price for its role in the opioid crisis, though the family that owns it may get off without paying any personal penalties.

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