I’m not cutting Trump any slack because he’s sick.

Trump having the Trump Virus doesn’t make him any less of an execrable human being, so here we go!

I’m sure our narcissist president is weeping at the NYT story on Trump’s tax returns, showing he “has been more successful playing a business mogul than being one in real life.” He’s hemorrhaging money and there are lots of loans coming due, leading to speculation his run for the White House was just a Hail Mary play to revive his brand. And his massive losses from various businesses allowed him to offset his taxes and pay $750 in income tax the year he won the presidency (and none in other years). While much of this is probably legal, someof his deductions seem questionable, such as paying Ivanka fat fees as a “consultant” (this Twitter thread lists several). And of course in past years he’s blasted presidents, and the rich in general, for doing exactly what we now see him doing, as the WaPo points out:

“Trump added in July of that year, “Have we ever had a POTUS before @BarackObama who earned over 1/3 of his income from foreign sources and paid taxes to another country?”
The Times reported that Trump earned about $73 million in foreign revenue in his first two years as president. He also in 2017 paid significantly more in taxes to the governments of Panama ($15,598), India ($145,500) and the Philippines ($156,824) than to the United States ($750).
But that’s not the only whiff of hypocrisy in Trump’s past statements about taxes.
In 2013, he retweeted someone who claimed that “Trump is an American that will pay more taxes in one year than you pay in your entire life.” We have now learned that Trump almost always pays less in taxes — not just as a percentage but also as a raw number — than the vast majority of people who are of far lesser means than he.”
If you don’t have time to read the whole thing, the Times also breaks down the key revelations in a shorter piece. Part II looks at how The Apprentice transformed Trump’s image, filled his coffers and enabled him to make more by marketing his new fame: “In the two years preceding the debut of “The Apprentice,” Mr. Trump’s side income was mostly confined to $500,000 for appearing in the Big N’ Tasty burger ad and a small amount of book royalties. But over the next two years, his tax records show, he collected $5.2 million from 11 different ad campaigns and speaking gigs, all propelled by his growing popularity as a reality-TV businessman.”
In hindsight it’s unsurprising he promptly burned through the money, and that a lot of added income from his “brand” was attached to swindles and con schemes. Trump’s a crook and a hustler and he can’t understand not being one: “Anyone who’s not hustling and not transparently “full of shit” is playing some angle he just doesn’t understand. They seem to regard money as less than paramount. They’ve got some other way of keeping score in something other than the game and the hustle that is all that Trump has ever understood. And because he can’t understand such people, he fears them, regards them with suspicion and distrust.”

I doubt this will change any loyalist’s mind, but it sure must sting Trump. He’s built his image as a high-flying business genius, not someone who’s in hock up to his eyeballs. Before he got sick he was tweeting about his “extraordinary assets” and the “impressive” financial statement he may someday release. It’s the usual Trump bluster but it sounds feebler than usual. I drink his tears like fine wine.

Meanwhile, Trumps says he’ll be sending seniors $200 discount pharmacy cards before the election, though the funding is from a program that doesn’t exist yet.

A mine-owner who fought against regulations to protect miners from black lung disease and opposed them getting benefits if they took sick has now filed for benefits himself.

To fight the Barrett nomination, focus on the threat to the ACA. The Nation says while Barrett’s an extremist, it’s not religious extremism that’s the problem. And no, it’s not liberals and Democrats who are biased against Catholics.

By the way, do y’all remember Chris Cantwell, the “crying Nazi” of the Charlottesville protests in 2017? He’s been convicted for threatening to rape a rival Nazi’s wife. And cried some more during the trial. I drink his tears too.

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