Be on guard, but don’t freak out

Michelle Goldberg points out Trump threatening to steal the election is bluster, not power: “Trump may be behaving like a strongman, but he is weaker than he’d like us all to believe. Autocrats who actually have the power to fix elections don’t announce their plans to do it; they just pretend to have gotten 99 percent of the vote.” That’s not to say declaring he’ll stay in power is acceptable or that he won’t try to cheat, just that we shouldn’t be intimidated. More discussion on Twitter why installing puppet electors probably won’t work.

Of course the Wall Street Journal thinks the real problem is Democrats will challenge any Trump efforts to steal the election — and that’s anti-democracy. Sen. Rick Scott is worried too, as he’s proposing a last-minute rule change that all ballots must be counted within 48 hours of election day, even absentee ballots.  QAnon crackpot DeAnna Lorraine shores up her appeal to the right-wing by saying women should vote like they were picking a boyfriend — wouldn’t you want Trump, the alpha male? Yeah, I’m sure women love the idea of picking a rapist and adulterer as their dream man (I’m also amused by her claim Trump is compassionate).

Trump keeps pretending he’s going to give us better than Obamacare coverage. He lies.

“A fight over the fate of the Supreme Court is weighty enough, but beneath the surface of this conflict is an even fiercer struggle about what the Constitution means, one taking place in the context of minority rule and incipient democratic failure.” — Jamelle Boiue on the sad and dysfunctional state of our democracy.

Speaking of which, here’s one look at what Amy Coney Barrett’s probable appointment means for women. Even though a majority of Americans are pro the old Equal Rights Amendment, the sexist minority is getting its way. She made what to me is an alarming declaration in one campus rape case that the college was predisposed to believe the alleged victim because she’s a woman (that would be … unusual), though it seems the college’s handling of the case did have problems.

LGM looks at Breonna Taylor’s death and the terrible idea of no-knock warrants with several good links to other pieces (while I usually despise everything David French writes, his piece at one of the links actually makes sense). Radley Balko clears up some bullshit on this topic.

Michelle Bachman claims equal rights for gays translates into oppression for Christians. And AG William Barr whines because we’re not a theocracy.

The advantage of being a white supremacist bullshit artist: Tucker Carlson beat a defamation lawsuit on the grounds nobody believes what he says.

A biracial couple got a higher home appraisal when they made it appear they were both white.

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