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Sen. Mitt Romney has unsurprisingly come around to backing a pre-election replacement for RBG. And of course Thom “Trump Toady” Tillis, who supported denying Obama a seat in 2016 now explains everything is different so he’ll vote yes on the nominee. One of our local papers vents about it.

As Scott Lemieux points out, even without a ninth justice, RBG’s death means the lawsuit to destroy the ACA will probably succeed. Which would be a disastrous move if the Republicans had to actually win the election, but they’re betting with a solidly right-wing Supreme Court they can steal it.

Danielle Pletka, an Iraq war supporter who by her own admission never once questioned Iraqis might not immediately build a Democratic society, recently published a WaPo op-ed explaining how she doesn’t like a lot of what Trump does, but gosh darn it, a Biden presidency might do something unspecified that’s much worse. Interviewer Isaac Chotiner nails her to the wall. She repeats the standard right-wing talking point (Senator Thom Tillis has made it several times) that Congress voting to pass the Affordable Care Act just like any other bill was undemocratic because … reasons? Scott Lemieux points out this is bullshit.

Of course Republicans have the advantage of branding. As Josh Marshall says, “the most flagrant GOP lawlessness and rules breaking is **expected**. Democrats even suggesting responding something like in kind is ‘total war.‘”

And some Democrats still want to play nice and pretend we can be civilized. Sen. Dianne Feinstein has declared she won’t support killing the filibuster.

Wanting to prevent panic is a standard rationale for cover-ups and lies — but this article argues most people don’t panic outside of movies.

I doubt William Barr’s in a panic, he just thinks calling New York, Chicago and Portland anarchist cities will justify cutting off federal funds to them.

Trump’s probably wetting his pants about his chances, which is why he’s joking/not joking about stopping Biden from being elected with an executive order. At the link, Ted Cruz dog-whistles they need a conservative judge who’ll vote for Trump if whatever ginnied up lawsuit they file makes it to the Supreme Court. Trump’s saying it too.

Scientific American doesn’t endorse presidents. This year, they’re endorsing Biden.

QAnon is coming for your yoga class. Sometimes believers just try to run people over. Fred Clark points out this kind of paranoia is not a new thing: the 1790s were obsessed with the Illuminati subverting America and a few decades later it was the Catholic Church (” global organization kidnaps children and teens (especially young girls) to have sex with power-hungry men in secret locations, men who are also involved in a traitorous plot to undermine democracy.”).

Speaking of conspiracy theories, one of my high school friends is cheerfully spreading George Soros conspiracy bullshit, then jumped on to insisting the Rothschilds were just as bad and just as much a threat. But she’s totally not an anti-semite!

The Pentagon took money intended for the fight against the Trump Virus and spent it on jet engines.

I don’t know how good any of the proposals are but it’s a good sign Democrats in the House are thinking about restrictions on the Executive Branch.

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