I still keep zigging when I should be zagging

Once again, I let my work on Undead Sexist Cliches and Leaf suck up time from other activities. But hey, that’s partly because Wednesday got so crazy taking care of Wisp, plus a streaming service at noon for one of my friends. That pretty much took out the day, so I focused on Undead Sexist Cliches as that’s easier to tackle in small doses. Despite getting almost nothing done that day, I still put in 30+ hours, so that’s cool.

Frustratingly as I type this I’m one small dose away from finishing Chapter Seven, but I don’t think I have the focus to get it done. Still I’m really pleased with how the rewrite approves the flow of the arguments and I spotted one point I hadn’t before: writers who dismiss harassment accusations because they’re anonymous have no trouble offering anonymous stories from women who they say oppose #metoo but are afraid of backlash if they speak up. The writers don’t think that might apply to people who speak up about harassment? Apparently not.

Not much else to say about the week. I might have more, but I got hooked on the writing and didn’t take enough breaks to clear my head. That’s usually a mistake.

Below you see Plushie. He’s acquired a bad habit of wanting to climb onto the coffee table where I keep my books and stuff during the day. The bad part isn’t the risk to the books (though that is a factor) but Plush is a klutz who could easily fall off, or try to jump over the couch arm to reach me (the odds of him injuring himself would be high). Putting these collapsible chairs between his ramp and the table has blocked him.


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