Sometimes it’s paranoia even if they are after you (and other links)

QAnon is oozing into the anti-vax and UFO conspiracy communities. And related stories are circulating online (along with other bullshit such as Michigan’s governor being related to George Soros). More on QAnon here. And QAnon believer and would-be congresswoman DeAnna Loraine says God doesn’t want us wearing masks.

“The lawsuit then claims that Garrison cannot be anti-Semitic because conspiracy theories about Soros and the Rothschilds are real.”

No, NASA has not changed the zodiac.

A university student accused a couple of being known terrorists. It turns out he didn’t exist. It’s also fake news that Steve Harvey didn’t write a pro-Trump rant.

Unmarked, unidentified cops are attacking law-abiding protesters in Portland. And the Trump administration and much of law-enforcement keeps treating antifa as a threat when it’s the far right that kills people. Portland wants the feds out, but DHS says they’ll crack down harder. Which may be legal. But at least moms are fighting back (though they shouldn’t have to).

If you have ADA-valid reasons for not wearing a mask you can ask the store to arrange curbside pickup or to let you wear a loose scarf. It doesn’t give you the right to walk in without a mask.

Rush Limbaugh has spent most of his career switching from Government Is Your Enemy to Government Is Your Savior depending which party was in the White House. In similar vein, he’s gone from the Trump Virus Is Nothing to It Kills Lots of People, Big Deal! Fellow ultra-rightie Tom Fitton isn’t on the same page as he says the pandemic is over but the “Medical Media Establishment” is making it an issue. As are McDonald’s customers.

The religious right loves to pretend the U.S. is based on Christianity. Phony historian David Barton is glad to help.

Even before global warming starts to eat Florida’s coast, the property may be worthless.

“Right wing media would rebel against everything Hillary does to fight the virus. Maybe they hype up the virus and claim that the deaths are her fault. Maybe they claim that the virus is a hoax designed to allow the federal government to take control of our lives.” — a post on what would have happened if Clinton were in charge during the pandemic.

A South Carolina teacher wonders why school history doesn’t teach that slavery was good and the North was wrong.

To end on something upbeat, here’s Sen. Tammy Duckworth responding to Tucker Carlson’s whining that this decorated veteran hates America. And here’s a look at a wave of new Democratic candidates on the left.

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