So last weekend, this happened and that happened …

One happened good, one not so good.

The good happening was that the Two Gay Geeks podcast interviewed me (date not set) thanks to J. Scott Coatsworth letting the writers in his Liminal Fiction FB group know the podcast was looking for subjects. Having had two stories rejected the previous day (and two more on Monday), it was really cool to be interviewed by people who actually sounded impressed with me. And you know, when you lump everything I’ve done together in the span of a 20-minute interview, it does sound pretty cool. Much more so than when I’m getting it done one day at a time.

The other, not so good, was that on Sunday we gave Plushie a shave. His fur just picks up burrs and it’s matted where Trixie chews on him, so as we don’t want to hit the dog groomer yet (social distancing. Sigh) we did it ourselves. Well, TYG did it and I held Plushie in place. As you can see, we’re not really good at it (a friend of ours said he looked like a taunton from Empire Strikes Back). Good thing Trixie’s hair doesn’t get as messed up.

But the really not-so-good part was that at one point I was sitting on the floor with Plushie and lifted him up on his back legs so TYG could shave his belly. Plushie weighs around 21 lbs and that was too much for my shoulders. They ached the rest of the day and on into Monday. Fortunately by Wednesday I was back to normal.

Neither event terribly spectacular but they did make the weekend standout.

#SFWApro. Photo is mine.

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