Comics covers for Sunday

Normally I’d have written a book review post for today, but Trixie’s leg problems have thrown me off schedule. So covers it is.

I love this Joe Sinott cover.The classic actor’s nightmare is being on stage with no idea what your lines or even what the play is. Here’s a somewhat less common nightmare, captured by Jack Kirby.

Russ Heath does a great cover for a Sgt. Rock spotlight.Here’s another war comics cover by Joe Kubert.Mort Meskin gives new meaning to the phrase “bargaining chip.”Bob Brown’s monster on this cover looks more like a kiddie amusement park ride than a threat.Dick Dillin’s monster here clearly disapproves of the men violating social distancing.Dillin also provides the cover for this story in the “Screw your superstitions I’m going to do exactly what you said would doom me!” genre. I like the title too, it has a great rhythm and the right level of alliteration.

And here Carmine Infantino gives us a guy whose quarantine is more extreme than planned.

#SFWApro. rights to all covers remain with current holder.

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