Cover up!

Norman Saunders show us how to respond to people who want to break social distancing!This Saunders cover has Weena of the Eloi more formally dressed than I think Wells imagined her.An Earle Bergey cover with one of his more reasonable female outfits.With that title and this Mark Mariano cover, I’d be tempted to buy the book on the spot.The breast cones below are more typical of Earle Bergey’s fashion sense.I knew pulps covered every kind of fiction but it tickles me they had a magazine of railroad stories. Cover by Hilliker.A beautiful wanton in a bathing suit! Sexy cover by the standards of the past, courtesy of Barye Phillips.Nothing says “old school pulp cover” like a woman arising out of a space cyclone to zap spaceships with lightning. This one’s by Lawrence.Is this woman really upset about the spaceship — or is it the man breaching social distancing? Art by Earle Bergey#SFWApro. All rights to image remain with current holders.


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2 responses to “Cover up!

  1. I bought a copy of “The Shores of Kansas” when it came out in the 1970s and enjoyed it a lot. Then I reread it a couple of years ago and tossed it into the junk pile; the sexism is piled on so thick I couldn’t get past the first chapter.

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