Sen. Richard Burr is human feces

I didn’t think NC’s Senator Burr could sink lower in my estimation but it turns out three weeks ago he was warning well-connected constituents that COVID-19 could be Spanish Flu bad — and said nothing to anyone else. And then sold off $1.6 million in stocks, particularly in the travel industry. So did Sen. Kelly Loeffler. Sen. Ron Johnson sold between $5 and $25 million in stock in a family-owned company that makes plastic for the medical device market — but he voted against government aid during the current crisis because having millions of Americans die is not reason to take action.

In more COVID-19 news:

Rand Paul holds up federal aid for the COVID-19 crisis.

Salon argues Trump’s lies about COVID-19 have become so blatant, the media should preface his statements with reminders he’s a liar.

A right-winger argues that if we give people money for the problems caused by coronavirus, next thing we’ll be paying welfare to trans people. Rep. Andy Biggs similarly opposes covering same-sex couples with the COVID-19 relief bill.

QAnon believers continue to fantasize the virus is just a cover for Trump to destroy his enemies … like Oprah Winfrey.

“Never mind that Republican leaders are among the most highly educated on the planet; it’s just that they now feel compelled to embrace ignorance as a cost of doing business.” — and right now, that’s not working out well.

And in other links (a little random, due to clearing out bookmarks last week).

“The chief pathologist was altering his deputy’s reviews to show them as concurring with all of Levy’s diagnoses, ” — a grim look at how a VA physician misdiagnosed patients for years.

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp got his position through vote suppression. Now he’s simply canceling a state Supreme Court election to pick his own judge.

The pros and cons of automatic voter registration.

The role of luck and past success in measuring future success.

What happens when Google Maps gives a house the wrong address?

Roy Moore may have missed out on the Senate but the bigoted theocrat sexual harasser is pushing for the Supreme Court to overturn its gay marriage decision.

Betsy DeVos thinks students who attend shitty for-profit schools that defraud them (you know, like Trump University), shouldn’t get student-loan forgiveness. The Senate’s voted to overturn the rule (including ten Republicans, but not NC’s senators) but will it pass Trump?

” I couldn’t imagine a publishing and media world that made Afrofuturism legible. This is how imaginations are colonized” — Michele Berger on Afrofuturism and the gaps in imagination it fills.

Ben Shapiro, one of the mainstream media’s “cool” conservatives, lies that no major Republican figure ever embraced birtherism.

American right-wingers love calling COVID-19 the Chinese coronavirus. China thinks it’s an American disease.

Two Pennsylvania public defenders criticized the system — so the county fired them.

You know who thought literacy was good? Communists!

The number of homeless in Helsinki is dropping steadily.

What do you know, giving poor people money can produce good results.

The drawbacks to electing the sons of the rich to the White House.

Vox looks at the decline of the suit. Fast Company looks at women’s suits in politics.

I remember when women’s restrooms came with a women’s lounge attached.

What makes Nancy Drew such an icon — and so hard to adapt to the screen?

Words about feelings for which there is no English equivalent.

How Donald Trump once killed the USFL football league.

Who invented the TV dinner?

Jack Kirby’s Julius Caesar!

Frederick Douglass’ vision of a post-Civil War America.

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