Post-vacation political links

I’ll blog about my trip later, but for now —

Senior intelligence officials warn Congress about Russia’s views on the 2020 elections. Trump has a meltdown that this was made public.

Trump has also convinced himself the CDC is exaggerating the coronavirus threat as a political attack. Which may be why he’s trying to silence actual experts and putting medically ignorant Mike Pence (who claimed two decades ago there was no proof smoking was harmful) and Larry Kudlow in charge of the White House effort. Of course, staffing government with incompetent loyalists is nothing new for Republicans. And yes, Trump did shut down the U.S. Pandemic Response team.

Yet another push by law enforcement (and the Trump administration) to make encrypted Internet communications easy to spy on.

The growing power of monopoly in industry, and why it’s a bad thing.

A federal appeals court says Florida refusing to allow felons to regain their voting rights until they pay all fines and fees amounts to an illegal poll tax. I suspect if it gets to the Supreme Court, they’ll sign off on suppressing the vote.

A neo-Nazi terror group uploaded propaganda to Google Maps.

George Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin. Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg Tweeted lamentations for Martin’s birthday, not mentioning Zimmerman, but he sued them anyway.

Racism in the anti-abortion movement.

Columnist E. Jean Carroll says Elle magazine fired her after she accused Trump of raping her.

An “ex-gay” advocate for conversion therapy claims Vimeo not showing his pro-conversion videos violates his freedom of religion. A court disagrees.

Meanwhile, Florida Republicans push anti-gay bills in the state legislature

Court evangelical E.W. Jackson explains we liberals hate Trump because unlike the effete Obama, Trump’s a real man. And unsurprisingly, Trump’s Congressional toadies are just fine with him demanding courts deliver verdicts he likes and Bill Barr acting like a mob mouthpiece.

A judge in one court case replaced a juror who said he was voting not guilty because God told him to. William Pryor, one of Trump’s potential Supreme Court candidates, thinks replacing him is the same as discriminating against Christian jurors (as explained at the link, it isn’t).

Now for some good news:

California will use almost 300 state buildings as housing for the homeless.

Virginia has abolished Lee-Jackson Day and given local communities the authority to tear down Confederate monuments.

In Tennessee, the Sons of Confederate Veterans protest a plan to remove a bust of General Nathan Bedford Forrest from the state Capitol. Rep. Jason Hodges points out  to an SCV member that in addition to being in the post-Civil War Klan and selling slaves, he participated in the massacre of black Union soldiers at Ft Pillow: “How many people can I butcher and still be honored by the state of Tennessee?”

The FBI just arrested a bunch of neo-Nazis.

And a roundup post of more good news.

A lot of people like to pretend that the discrimination their immigrant ancestors (Irish, Jewish, Catholic, Polish, etc.) faced is totally different from them discriminating against new immigrants today. I’m impressed some Japanese-Americans who were interned in WW II are protesting Trump’s immigrant detention policies.


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