I gave my wife gangrene for Christmas!

Relax, TYG’s fine. But I have a long tradition of giving her disease-based books for Christmas (cancer, syphilis, rabies, cholera …) and then joking about it online. After eight years of marriage, I’m finding it harder to come up with an interesting disease, but I did some online research and found this one.

I also bought her the Wild Palms DVD set. She’s a fan of the 1990s TV miniseries, it isn’t available streaming and since our VCR broke the option for rewatching it is limited (I have a second VCR, but that would require wiring it into our A/V setup, which is more work than I really want to undertake). She was very pleased with that. And the banana bread I made Christmas Eve. And some bath bombs (she loves scented bath stuff)

My sweet angel got me the Flash Omnibus Vol. 3, which follows from V2 to give me a complete run of the 1960s Flash (mostly in reprint) with maybe six issues short of a complete run of the original series (V3 ends with 199 and my Bronze Age collection starts with #206). As TYG’s not at all a comics fan, that was very thoughtful of her. Her other presents to me included a Barnes and Noble gift card, a Roomba, and McVitties chocolate digestives (British cookies, very good).

Gifts from the rest of the family include Penzey spices gift card, Amazon gift card (already spent), World Market gift card, Visa gift cards and the second volume of Scooby-Doo Team Up.

But of course the real present was just having TYG and the dogs to spend Christmas with. I used to spend most of the day alone, except for Christmas dinner (my bestie Cindy took me in). Now I not only have family, I have TYG who is just perfect for me. And the puppers. And Wisp, who actually ate her heartworm pill wrapped up in a pill pocket. Now that’s a Christmas miracle!

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