One type of dog-whistling, and other political links

How to dog-whistle about immigration fears: No, the writer has no problems with it himself, but why don’t we respect the views of hard-working who are uncomfortable with having more Hispanic people in the country?

This is not new. Richard Cohen claimed some years back that Tea Party conservatives with “conventional views” aren’t being bigoted when they’re offended at NYC Mayor Bill deBlasio’s biracial family, they’re fighting down a “gag reflex.” But he’s totally not a racist himself (even though he’s a firm believer in profiling black men), he’s just saying what other people are thinking (similarly, he believes George Zimmerman confronting a law-abiding Trayvon Martin was perfectly reasonable).

In other news:

Right-wing anti-gay bigot Bryan Fischer declares that in caving on allowing a lesbian kiss in an ad, Hallmark caved in to “the gay gestapo.”

The cops built a case against alleged sex trafficker Randy Volar, but never arrested him. One of his child sex slaves shot him; now she’s on trial for murder.

In Georgia, a politician’s wife dumps a drink over the head of a reporter, saying she had it coming. Elsewhere in the state, a city councilor resigns in the face of flak over his statement that interracial marriage “makes his blood boil.”

New Jersey is considering ending religious exemptions to vaccinating kids. Antivaxxers have stalled the bill in the state senate.

To its credit, the right-wing Christian magazine Charisma has published criticism of slimeball anti-Semite Rick Wiles, but it also gives him space to respond because they respect him.

Speaking of antisemitism, desecrating Torah scrolls in that Beverly Hills synagogue is more serious than I realized. This FB post goes into it in detail.

“We are rapidly becoming prototypes of a people that totalitarian monsters could only drool about in their dreams. All the dictators up to now have had to work hard at suppressing the truth. We, by our actions, are saying that this is no longer necessary.

Slacktivist on ads for Clint Eastwood’s film Richard Jewell: “That ad campaign calls Jewell ‘the real victim’ of the Atlanta Olympic bombing — which conveys a weird disregard for Alice Hawthorne and Melih Uzunyol who actually died in that attack, and for the 111 people injured in that crime. It also callously erases Officer Robert Sanderson, who was killed in one of the bomber’s subsequent attacks.”

Holy crap, the DoD used photos of a Nazi war criminal to salute the troops who died in the Battle of the Bulge.

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