So feeling democracy depression isn’t just me?

“When I contemplate the sort of illiberal oligarchy that would await my children should Donald Trump win another term, the scale of the loss feels so vast that I can barely process it.” — Michelle Goldberg, on the state of our country and “democracy grief.”

It feels oddly comforting to know it’s not just me feeling upset about the shredding of democracy. Roy Edroso looks at how long Republicans have been working for this. Paul Campos points out that Trump ripping off his own charities for $2 million in funds for veterans “would have simply ended a presidency in the Before Time, now barely even qualifies as a news story, because nobody cares. The reason nobody cares is because any news confirming that Donald Trump is a sociopathic thief is not really news: everybody already knows this. ”

And even though we know Moscow Mitch will exonerate Trump, Democrats are settling for saying his statements “raise serious questions.” As Campos says in another post, they’re going to get Trump off, “not because they claim there is no merit to the charges that the House is voting out against Donald Trump, but because they have decided to give Trump impunity to act outside the law without consequence.” [italics in original]

And the Republican-dominated court is on Trump’s side. Democratic Senator Pat Leahy helped by making it easier for Republicans to block Obama judicial nominations. And Mike Huckabee’s talking about giving Trump a third term.

The solution is to fight harder. Not because that guarantees victory — I have no idea what the odds really are for 2020 or what the right strategy is — but because it’s the right side. As C.S. Lewis once put it, when Ragnarok comes the good guys will be destroyed but “that does not in the least alter the allegiance of any free man.”

It’s worth fighting against the side that invites an antisemite to speak at the White House Hanukkah celebration. Or has Matt Gaetz, a convicted drunk driver, attacking other people over substance abuse. Or outgoing Kentucky governor Matt Bevin pardoning a murderer whose father donated to his campaign. Or the government retiring a tool for finding out about toxic waste near where we live. And where religious freedom applies to turning away gays but blocking religious groups from taking in refugees.

And Nikki Haley can pretend the Confederate flag ever stood for “service and sacrifice and heritage” And that she couldn’t remove the flag from the state capital today because liberals are so mean.

Not that Dems are free of corruption, but no, both sides are not equally awful. I hope we can avert Ragnarok next year (though given Republicans are making it increasingly hard to stop pollution and climate change, I suspect an environmental Ragnarok is coming) but if not?  That does not in the least alter the allegiance of any free man. Let’s fight beside Odin

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