Wisp and the dogs

So Wednesday, Wisp was mewing outside when I took the dogs for their pre-dinner walk. She rolls on the sidewalk and obviously wants them to play with her. The most she’ll get, usually, is some mutual sniffing of each other, and perhaps a head butt to one of the dogs (an affectionate cat gesture, according to what I’ve been reading).

While the dogs were chowing down on a bowl of kibble, I opened the front door, invited Wisp inside and let her come in. She began wandering around the house, which was fine, until Plushie noticed and chased after her. I’m not sure if it was hostile or just play-chasing like he does with Trixie, but given Wisp has sharp little claws on all four feet, it was somewhat alarming. She wound up cornered by Plushie near one of the bookcases, but then they just sat looking at each other. He didn’t attack. She didn’t either. I opened the back door and she ran out.

Which is why having her in the house unsupervised, should she want that, may prove difficult. I think they were both friendly, but I don’t want any misunderstandings that end up with one of the dogs getting a claw swipe across the face. I don’t want Wisp hurt either.

We’ll see how it goes.

Below, Trixie sniffing for Pogo on the deck, and some shots of the dogs after grooming Wednesday

#SFWApro. Photo is mine.

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