A friend’s Kickstarter and other writing/creative links

My friend Michele Berger has been asked to contribute to a Kickstarter-funded anthology, so I’m boosting the signal. Details on Michele’s blog.

Here’s how Donald Trump Junior got to be a best-selling author. Unfortunately it’s not a technique most of us writers can afford.

Physical books still outsell ebooks. And small bookstores are doing better than they used to.

Why provide prison libraries when prisons and private businesses can screw inmates over by forcing them to use tablets?

The seismic shift in the streaming services boom. Disney’s streaming service may be why they’re now yanking Fox movies from playing in revival and art houses — which is bad news for the theaters in question.

John Scalzi on outgrowing things you used to love.

An author’s account of her experiences dealing with ChiZine.

SF editorial legend John W. Campbell has become controversial in recent years. Cory Doctorow explains why. Someone else (I’m not sure who said it) pointed out that it’s not just a matter of Campbell having, as Doctorow notes, some really horrible racist beliefs. As the field’s top editor back in the day, he wielded immense influence: even writers who published elsewhere frequently tried his magazines first, so they wrote to suit his taste. Which was not always good (I’ll be coming back to the Doctorow piece in a later post).

A quick guide to copyright laws for art.

A guide to the role of the comma in contract law.

Digital piracy is hurting indie comics.  Which by coincidence was also a topic at Atomic Junkshop.

Jazz pianist Errol Garner was the first musical artist to sue his record label and win.

Showing how successful characters are often due to chance, here’s how Sabrina the Teenage Witch only came to TV when Filmation couldn’t do a Bewitched cartoon.

Preparing for a new opera role.

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