Rom-coms viewed on vacation, plus a biopic

TWO-NIGHT STAND (2014) is a charming-enough rom-com wherein Analeigh Tipton decides that to ease the pain of being dumped, she’ll have a one-night stand with a guy she picks up online (Miles Teller). Her desire to get out the next morning goes south when a freak blizzard traps them both in the guy’s apartment, leaving them snarking about each other’s sex skills (“It makes me think of Helen Keller’s teacher going down on her.”) to frank discussions of sex to boy getting girl, then losing girl, then — no, I won’t spoil it for you. Nothing I couldn’t live without, but I did enjoy it. “It’s not like we’re competing in some erotically charged Japanese game show.”

THAT TOUCH OF MINK (1962) is, as one critic joked, a Rock Hudson/Doris Day rom-com but with Cary Grant in the Hudson role — and Cary Grant’s much better at it. Suave businessman Grant and sexy but innocent Doris Day (“Men look at you, then suddenly discover their wives don’t understand them.”) meet cute (his car splashes her with water as she’s standing by a puddle), then spend the rest of the movie flirting and equivocating over whether Day is ready to have sex without marriage. Even at the time, the film’s attitude to sex must have looked rather dated, but thanks to the cast and some sharp writing, it’s still way funny. Backing up Grant and Day we have Gig-Young as a sellout, John Astin as a sexual harasser (“He’s so low, when they bury him they’ll have to dig up.”) and Audrey Meadows as Day’s tart-tongued best friend. “You clearly don’t know the girls of Upper Sandusky!”

Renee Zellwegger plays JUDY (2019) during her final London tour, struggling to keep her head straight, falling in and out of marriage for the fifth time and trying to earn enough that she can settle down in one place with her kids. This is a good biopic with an outstanding performance by Zellwegger; Michael Gambon plays a showman and Rufus Sewell is Judy’s very estranged last husband. “I’m unemployable and uninsurable — that’s what people who like me tell me to my face.”

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