Copyright vs. Hollywood, Ronan Farrow vs. National Enquirer and other writing links

Wow. Copyright law may allow the writers behind Terminator and multiple other movies to regain the rights to their work, which could have a big impact on sequels and remakes. Hollywood Reporter has a close-up on the Friday the 13th case.

Are the allegations of pedophilia against Arthur C. Clarke solid enough that the Clarke Award should change its name?

Dylan Howard, former top editor at the National Enquirer, is not only threatening to sue Ronan Farrow’s publisher over an upcoming book on the magazine, but to sue bookstores that carry it.

A George Carlin clip has him explaining that while he supports the right of comedians to say racist sexist jokes, he thinks they’re wrong.

Another article on the perennial question of how we deal with good art by bad people.

“For visual reference, he put up a giant image of a basketball stadium packed with 20,000 people. ‘Like, in what world is this not enough?’ he sputtered. ‘I don’t understand! What systems have we built where this is insufficient for a person to make a living?'” A look at Patreon and whether it really helps creators struggling to earn income in the digital world.

File 770 discusses false allegations of digital piracy.

Laurie Penny discusses the importance of fanfiction to women, nerds and minorities.

In the wake of SNL firing Shane Gillis over past racist jokes, some comedians, inevitably, complain Political Correctness is stifling comedy. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar suggests we ask three questions: how old are the incidents? Has the person changed their attitude? How sincere was their apology? He does not think Gillis’ apology (“I’m a comedian who pushes boundaries. I sometimes miss.”) hits the mark (“This statement is distilled from every reality show ever.”).

And speaking of putting things in context, blackface did not suddenly start becoming offensive in this century.

Writer Stacie Ramey discusses a lifetime of being othered for being Jewish. Including in the publishing industry (“a few of my friends attempted to join that diversity movement and were told that Jews are not marginalized because we are largely successful.”).

Some male fans have had fits about Rose Tico of the Star Wars films being a hero alongside the guys. Is it coincidence that she’s been removed from Rise of Skywalker merchandise?

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