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David Frum looks back at Bill Clinton’s impeachment and how he kept working as president during the fight. Trump is doing the opposite.

Given Trump’s declarations of Civil War, even if he goes down, or he loses in 2020, will he leave quietly? I suspect, he might, actually: he’d have more fun playing the martyred president to his adoring fans or maybe running for 2024 than actually being president. However some far right groups are eager for a shooting war. No More Mr. Nice Blog looks at the right’s long history of accusing the left of wanting to murder them all. While cries that the left is about to get violent and “target all Christians in America” may just be a propaganda tool, I also wonder if it doesn’t reflect what the speakers would do if they had the power. So it seems natural to them that if the left had power, they’d do the same.

Right wing crackpot Lance Wallnau says impeaching Trump would defy the will of the 600 million Americans who voted for him … ignoring that most Americans voted Clinton, and there aren’t 600 million Americans in any case. Josh Bernstein says Democrats should be tortured and their party designated a terrorist group for bringing up impeachment. Similarly other right-wingers are freaking out from fear their chance to dominate America is slipping away.  It’s an interesting contrast to when Bill Clinton was impeached and the religious right shrieked that this immoral man had to be cast out.

Oh, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has decided the House actually subpoenaing State Department officials is just too intimidating so he’s refusing to let them testify. And Barr similarly seems to behave like he’s Trump’s legal mouthpiece, not someone with a duty to America.

I don’t really buy the civil war projections. We’ll certainly see more violence, random shootings and terrorism, but we’ll see them if Trump wins and the right decides the country now definitely absolutely positively belongs to them, not us. But the number of people who’d actually want to be on the front lines in any way, rather than shrieking at Fox News, is (I hope) too small for war. I half wonder if Trump wouldn’t sooner be out of office, playing the martyr to his adoring fans or talking about 2024 than stay in office.

But if civil war is a possibility, so be it Because the Shit-Gibbon needs to be removed from office (impeachment or electoral defeat, either way works) as soon as possible.

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