Links to things that do not make me happy

Well white supremacist Jared Taylor looks back at the aftermath to 9/11 and wishes Americans had been more bigoted towards Muslims.

Education secretary Betsy DeVos is very, very concerned that free speech is being silenced on American campuses. Unless of course it’s speech she doesn’t like.

Petty Republican con man Jacob Wohl explains that purging the locked briefcase from society was a feminist plot — it’s harder for men to hide evidence of their affairs now!

Politico looks at evidence Jerry Falwell Jr’s management of his father’s Liberty University may be as crooked as a corkscrew. Fred Clark explains why Falwell is particularly upset about the most innocuous of the charges — he goes out to nightclubs.

Then there’s the Ukrainian mess.

For the USDA’s top scientist job, Trump picks someone who’s not a scientist.

E.W. Jackson demands we deport all illegal Hispanic immigrants or they’ll take over the culture.

Paul Krugman looks at why conservatives freak out at any regulation, good or bad. I’ve heard lots of right-wingers say they don’t like government tell them what to do, but they’re perfectly fine with government telling other people what to do (no to gay marriage, no to using birth control, etc.).

In the past 20 years, the loser of the popular vote became president. It won’t be the last time.

Malcolm Gladwell claims quite inaccurately that Joe Paterno and the Penn State leadership acted perfectly appropriately in the abuse scandal.

Just how bad is Trump for American security? And again.

Israel becoming an ally of the hard right around the world isn’t good for us, or Jews outside Israel, or even Israel. It seems even Israeli voters weren’t fans of Netanhayu’s government either.

Creationists getting weirder: a school board chair says we shouldn’t teach evolution because it’s a 19th century theory and therefore, outdated.

Robert Bork was voted down by the Senate as a Supreme Court judge, which is well within their powers (having read his first book, I think they made the right call). But conservatives still claim that was unprecedented hardball politics that totally justified denying Obama even a vote on an empty court seat.

White people are keen on merit-based college admissions — unless it works against them. It must make them happy that in a lot of cases, money trumps ability.

The Supreme Court delivers a blow to antitrust law.

To end on an upbeat note, a federal court says it’s not libel to call an anti-gay group a hate group.

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