Unpleasant people: some links

Right-wingers are setting out to smear journalists who criticize our glorious supreme leader.

The latest anti-immigration steps from President Fistula.

Tucker Carlson, enabler of Nazis and white supremacists.

I can understand Republicans being upset that Rep. Sean Duffy is retiring — his wife’s pregnant, the baby has health issues — because this makes it that much harder for their party to hang on to power in Congress. But insulting him as a “beta male” for taking that step is bullshit. Just because she doesn’t suit right-wing hack Jesse Lee Peterson’s male-supremacist idea of female behavior doesn’t make what she’s doing wrong. It does make Peterson a horse’s ass, but he was that already.

I’ve previously heard the argument stated here about who’s drawn to the Republican Party but they phrase it well.

According to administration officials, Trump has told them to break the law if necessary to get the border wall built by election day — and he’ll pardon them for whatever they do.

A college professor referred to Bret Stephens of the NYT as a bedbug in a tweet. Stephens found this comparable to Nazis criticizing Jews. Not only did this give the original tweet way more publicity than intended, a lot of people have pointed out Stephens routinely writes columns about how college students are too sensitive to criticism. As others have pointed out, Stephens’ suffering at being called a name is a relative cakewalk compared to serious online harassment.

A columnist says conservatives who call for a reasonable debate sound a lot like Southerners who wanted to discuss the pros and cons of slavery rationally. And in both cases, they’re lying.

The “Pence rule” about never being alone with a woman is a serious handicap to women at work. Case in point, a deputy who refused to train a woman officer, got fired and now claims firing him violated his religious rights. Some men in business similarly say they’re reluctant to hire women if they’d have to work alone with them.

Racist Amy Wax insists she’s not a racist, that women are less intelligent than men, and that President Trump is a flag-bearer for our true values (sure, he cheats on his wives, but he stays married!). A good interview; I suspect Wax doesn’t realize how badly she comes off.

Online misogynists loudly object to judging sexual assault in social media — oh, wait, they changed their minds.

General James Mattis’ relationship to the Theranos company and its phony medical tech.

Unsurprisingly Breitbart commenters figure all these mass shootings are a Democratic/commie/white-hating plot (why else would all the shooters be white men?).

Sell a dime bag on a street corner and you do hard time. Hook thousands of people on OxyContin and you walk away rich.


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