I shall shed my links over dark evil

Evangelical pastor Mark English on dealing with anti-Semitism in his congregation: “‘I’m not in government. It would be like me trying to understand the insurance business,’ he said, when asked about Yanko’s allegation that Jews control the government. ‘The government is so complex — I don’t think that any one group controls everything.’ He felt no need to address his congregant’s anti-Semitic beliefs, either one on one or from the pulpit.” What a righteous dude. Slacktivist adds more.

Conservatives have long supported the right of forced-birth protesters to harangue anyone entering a clinic. But subjecting Trump supporters to the same tactics? Outrageous!

Rep. Steve “when did white supremacy become a bad word?” King thinks he deserves an apology for criticism of his no-rape-exception-for-anti-abortion-laws remarks. Which included (I missed this first time) that Republicans oppose an exemption because “they understand it is not the baby’s fault, to abort the baby, because of the sin of the father, and maybe sometimes the sin of the mother too.”

Ben Shapiro claims no major Republicans ever questioned Barack Obama’s legitimacy as president. Shapiro lies.

“They view themselves as just a part of the system, just doing their jobs. It’s not up to them what happens, they’re just ‘enforcing the law, they don’t set policy they just enact it … but the reality is that they’re not just wheels grinding away in a machine. They’re people, and they have choices about what they do.”

The Constitution is failing us.  So what now?

The Trump administration supports the right of employers to discriminate against transgender people.

A look at Gamergate as a dry run for the Internet harassment even more common today.

Court evangelical Eric Metaxas says it’s funny to call Italians “dago” or “wop.” Nope.

Good news: Brock Turner lost an appeal against having to register as a sex offender.

Charlotte’s mayor and city council are all black, and all received racist hate mail about going back where they came from.

In North Dakota, state ID laws have stripped the right to vote from 10 percent of Native Americans of voting age, because they don’t have street addresses so their ID shows a mailing address (this is explained in the article) and the state law requires a street address. A court’s response: most voters can meet the street-address requirement so who cares?

How’d I miss Nathan Larson last year? This Republican candidate for office in Virginia is a confessed pedophile and rapist (and white supremacist) who also believes “We need to switch to a system that classifies women as property, initially of their fathers and later of their husbands.” (h/t to Echidne).

DC hate crimes are up. Prosecutions are down.

“Getting a job sweeping hallways is like getting into Northrup Grumman used to be.” Roy Edroso on why it’s not easy to take this job and shove it.

A pastor declares quite inaccurately that a)the Bible is our constitution and b)God doesn’t let everyone into heaven, so that proves God supports Trump on immigration!

The new servant economy is not a good thing.

Trump says Jews who vote Democratic are disloyal to Israel (apparently forgetting American voters are not Israelis). And right-winger Wayne Allen Root says Israelis look on Trump like the King of Israel and the second coming, apparently forgetting Jews don’t believe there’s been a first coming yet (Slacktivist unpacks how nuts this is). More on Root (birther, liar, white supremacist and conspiracist) here.

Australia actively pushed to get kids vaccinated for HPV, which causes cervical cancer. They’ve almost eliminated cervical cancer. Texas, by contrast, has a bad vaccination rate and a lot more cancer.

In American meritocracy, those with more money get to have more merit.

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