Trump voters hate being called racist. This is not surprising

In yet another “let’s see what Trump voters are like” article, we learn that while they openly despise Muslims, they are very, very angry that people call them racist. This seems to surprise some people, though I’ve seen articles pointing this out for at least a couple of years.

And beyond that, it’s par for the course. As I mentioned back in 2013, a lot of conservatives hate liberals criticizing them. They have the right to say liberals hate America (and are outright traitors), that homosexuals are pedophiles, that women who use birth control are sluts, that blacks are stupid and Muslims are terrorist. But criticizing conservatives for those views? That’s thought policing! Political correctness! Don’t we realize they are holier than thou? They are entitled to punch down, we are not entitled to punch back! So it’s hardly surprising they still resent being criticized for their views, or for supporting the president (as John Scalzi said, not all Trump supporters are white supremacists, but they’re willing to live with it).

Some of them may just resent the criticism. Some of them may have convinced themselves that they really aren’t racist, like a friend of mine who doesn’t like the way immigrants are treated in the new concentration camps, but it’s Their Fault — they didn’t have to come here! Like the Shirley Exemption, she can tell herself that she’s not really supporting locking children in cage and denying them necessities, even though she is.

It doesn’t help that Fox News imagines Bad People of Color where they don’t exist. And less conservative publications are willing to express racist sentiment, just blaming it on other people. And of course, the belief nonwhites are unfit for equality is deep-rooted.

In other links:

A reporter asks Sen. Rand Paul why he opposes the bill funding health care for 9/11 first responders. Paul’s response: I talked to Fox News, go away!

“One hundred thirty-nine years since Reconstruction, and half a century since the tail end of the civil-rights movement, a majority of white voters backed a candidate who explicitly pledged to use the power of the state against people of color and religious minorities, and stood by him as that pledge has been among the few to survive the first year of his presidency.” And even many anti-Trump conservatives like that part of Trumpism.

The Trump administration has issued rules allowing nursing homes to force residents and their families into arbitration over disputes instead of suing (arbitration works way better for corporations), even when the issue is neglect or elder-care abuse. Oh, Trump also wants to monitor disabled people’s social media to see if they look too abled.

Florida man shoots and kills man for texting in a movie. Here’s the update, several years later.

“If Donald Trump has a theory of anything, it is a theory of American citizenship. It’s simple. If you are white, then regardless of origin, you have a legitimate claim to American citizenship and everything that comes with it. If you are not, then you don’t.”

The Trump administration has amended the birth-control coverage requirement so that employers with moral but not religious objections can refuse coverage. At this point, a court has blocked it; we’ll see what the Supremes do. It’s important to remember that the administration is just as much male supremacist as it is white supremacist.

Fake documentaries do their own kind of damage to our ability to tell true from false.

It’s not a religion, it’s”a Political system, despotic in its organization, anti-democratic and anti-republican, cannot therefore coexist with American republicanism.” That’s what some said in the 19th century about Catholicism.

David French is upset the current Democratic candidates are criticizing past Democratic leaders. More mainstream pundits are worried that the candidates’ policies are too liberal, except for Marianne Williamson.

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