It’s a sick sad world (reprise)

First Ihlan Omar was threatened after Trump launched his attacks on the Squad. Now a cop suggest on Facebook that A-OC should be shot.

According to the Daily Beast, Kristian Brunovich Rouz, a reporter pushing conspiracy theories and bullshit for the right-wing One America News Network is also working for Russian state media.

Yet another attempt to blame Trump on liberals.

“Senator Josh Hawley—a graduate of Stanford and Yale and a former instructor at an English private school—warned the attendees gathered in the ballroom of the Ritz-Carlton in downtown Washington, D.C., about the threat of élite cosmopolitanism. ” Which is usually (and in this case, probably is) a euphemism for Jews.

Nixon blocked LBJ’s efforts to arrange peace in Vietnam to ensure Nixon’s 1968 election victory.

“My otherness is on display every time I open my mouth, but people rarely consider me an immigrant — as if that status were reserved for needy brown or black people who cross borders in large numbers.”

Jeffrey Epstein’s life while nominally in jail: “On July 11, 2009, another deputy drove Epstein to his house, where Epstein stayed for four hours. “I backed into the driveway and provided security to prevent unwelcome guest[s] from entering his property,” the deputy wrote in his report. “I did not go into the residence.”

A Greek orthodox bishop claims mothers who have anal sex will have gay babies.

A woman sues on the grounds her legally emancipated daughter should still have gotten Mom’s permission for trans surgery.

Immigrants hold a 9-year-old Latino U.S. citizen for two days on the grounds her story wasn’t consistent. Yes, how strange a terrified child wouldn’t be clear and linear in her thinking.

Unsurprisingly Mitch McConnell still refuses to protect election machines from foreign hacking. I wonder if a Dem wins in 2020, with Traitor Mich start using hacking as a reason not to concede?

Sorry, Amy Wax, insisting Mexicans should be kept out because of culture is just a cover for racism. Vox suggests part of the problem is the right’s conviction that racism is what other people do. And of course, they choose to believe lies. The Republican challenger to Ihlan Omar is a devout Qanon believer.

A Pennsylvania school district threatened parents who are behind on their kids’ school lunch bills with putting the kids in foster care. A local businessman offered to pay the cost, but the school board refused.

To end on an upbeat note: the Straight Pride Parade listed Netflix on its website as a possible sponsor. Netflix told them no:  “Our legal department is here, it’s queer, and it’s telling you to steer clear.” Anti-gay bigot Michael Brown unsurprisingly freaks out.

Oh, and New York state has approved an anti-revenge porn bill.

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