Reader I married her

So last Tuesday was anniversary number eight for me and TYG. It seems we’ve made it past the seven-year itch without any trouble.

We had two dinners this year. Saturday we ate at Sage, which is one of our favorite restaurants. It is, however, enough of a drive that we’d sooner go there on a weekend than a weeknight. Tuesday we went out to Bocci, which is an Italian place within walking distance (though given the heat we didn’t walk). Both meals excellent.

The anniversary gift options are pottery and brass, but we didn’t really come up with anything good. I framed a copy of TYG’s high-school photo (the last one she has, so she wanted it protected), she bought us tickets to the North Carolina Zoo, which is what I’d asked for. Actually she bought us season tickets, so we don’t have to worry about her schedule derailing the day she bought tickets for. Smart wife!

And that was it. But it was enough.TYG is my amazing, intelligent, funny, remarkable angel and I love her to pieces.

Below a shot of me dressed for the wedding back in 2011 (TYG doesn’t want photos of herself posted, so I don’t).


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