The thing about Trump’s cabinet … (and other sexism links)

I seriously doubt the sexist-in-chief actively hunts for misogynists and sexists to join his team. He is, however, certainly cool with having them on board. Brett Kavanaugh. Staff secretary and accused spousal abuser Rob Porter. Alex Acosta who broke the law as a prosecutor to let an accused sexual predator walk. Are they drawn to him because he’s become a symbol of male supremacy? Or is this kind of thing common enough that just random chance could bring them together? Neither is a pleasant thought.

The most recent example was Trump’s pick to lead the Federal Reserve, Stephen Moore, who has a long history of sexist columns and statements (he’s also a shitty economist): “another travesty: in playground games and rec leagues these days, women now feel free to play with the men — uninvited in almost every case.” 2) “Women are sooo malleable!” he said. “No wonder there’s a gender gap.” (based on his wife voting for a Democrat because of environmental issues) 3) “If there is an injustice in tennis, it’s that women like Martina Hingis and Monica Seles make millions of dollars a year, even though there are hundreds of men at the collegiate level (assuming their schools haven’t dropped the sport) who could beat them handily,” he wrote. 4)Coed soccer games are “a giant social experiment imposed upon us by the geniuses that have put women in combat in the military. No one seems to care much that coed sports is doing irreparable harm to the psyche of America’s little boys.” 5) “What are the implications of a society in which women earn more than men?” he wrote. “We don’t really know, but it could be disruptive to family stability. If men aren’t the breadwinners, will women regard them as economically expendable? We saw what happened to family structure in low-income and black households when a welfare check took the place of a father’s paycheck. Divorce rates go up when men lose their jobs.”

Oh, and he’s also an adulterer and deadbeat dad, though the Wall Street Journal gave him some column inches to say how people who bring up those inconvenient facts are persecuting him!

In other links:

A look back at a right-wing trolls attempt to start a feminist war online.

An MRA claims romantic relationships are automatically abusive to men.

A man frustrated with not being able to score at the mall threw a child over a balcony. White nationalists somehow make this all about them.

Why are all the women running for the Democratic nomination considered unelectable?

Ancient Jewish wisdom about dealing with incels.

Jordan Peterson and other sexists continue to insist there’s no pay gap.

The Iowa Writers Workshop is a prestigious ground for training great writers — and has a long history of machismo and sexual harassment.

The UN “recognizing the importance of providing timely assistance to survivors of sexual violence, urges United Nations entities and donors to provide non-discriminatory and comprehensive health services, in line with Resolution 2106” to victims of rape in war (which is often used as an offensive weapon). The health consequences of rape are severe, but the US made the UN drop the quoted language. As usual, the outrage some sort of abortion might be involved in “comprehensive health services” outweighs any compassion for rape victims. As Echidne says “All that matters to those people is that a woman who is, say, gang-raped by enemy soldiers not be allowed to avoid the possibly risky pregnancy and forced birth of a child from that rape.

In the UK, a teenage boy facing multiple charges for sexual assault on younger girls wound up with a 45-day sentence. A woman’s rights activist in Iran, on the other hand, got 33 years and 148 lashes.

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