South Carolina again

As I have for several years, I traveled down to South Carolina last year to play on my friend C’s team for Culturequest, Mensa’s general knowledge test. And to spend the time hanging out with C and her son, who shared his LEGO-building expertise with me for several hours. I built some layouts of my own, but my taste definitely runs to scenarios (“See, we have Batman defending the swimming pool and the magic talisman from Lobo and the giant lizard-man.”) rather than structures.

Other than that, we mostly hung out, watched movies, and hit a nearby used bookstore. I picked up a couple of comic book collections in hardback and several DVDs.

The test itself was challenging as we only had four players (one of our regulars came down sick). Quite aside from his particular expertise (geography and maths), just having more people makes it easier to answer all the questions. Still, it feels like we did okay, and there were no questions where I went “Dammit, I should have known that!” after looking up the answer.

There was only one comic-book question, on the metal of Thor’s hammer (uru metal, for reasons Brian Cronin explains). A fun one I did quite well on was a series of first lines from Wikipedia synopses of literary works (I’d go into detail but I’ve been told the test writers hate seeing the questions posted online). For some reason, every year they include a list of airport abbreviations (RDU for Raleigh-Durham, for instance) and I never get those. Or the sports questions. Regardless of performance, it was a lot of fun.

As my friend doesn’t want me showing photos of her house, here’s one of a neighboring flower bed, and of the Greenville Airport.

#SFWApro. Images are mine, credit me if you use ’em.

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