Decriminalizing homosexuality and other political links

I was pleased when the Trump administration announced it would push for decriminalizing homosexuality worldwide. Like NMMNB, I’m not surprised they aren’t doing it.

I’m a big fan of the Southern Poverty Law Center, but if former top kick Morris Dees was indeed racist and sexist, it’s a good thing they fired him.

OMG, abortion cells in vaccines neutralize the power of prayer!

Beto O’Rourke has one big advantage in running for president.

Trump continues screwing over Puerto Rico.

What exactly should we say to put Confederate memorials in context?

What happens to the information gathered by smart watches?

Steve Bannon is very upset that the Russia probe will set back his efforts to “unite the Judeo-Christian west,” presumably against all the nonwhites and non-Christians. Given Russia’s history of anti-semitism and the growing anti-Semitism in the American right, I have a strange suspicion Bannon doesn’t mean the “Judeo” part.

Katha Pollitt looks at the admissions cheating scandal (“These excellent schools are not called Yale or Georgetown, though, and they don’t look as good on your sweatshirt or your BMW.”)

“To be clear: the definitions provided in this bill would ensure that books discussing sexual assault, books that educate healthy sexuality, and especially those which discuss non-heteronormative sex or sexuality would be deemed ‘pornographic.’

Sen. Mike Lee explains we can solve climate change by having more babies.

Because of the Trump/Republican tax cuts, we’re running a big deficit. Trump education secretary Betsy DeVos decided one way to trim the deficit is cut funding for Special Olympics.

The alt.right keeps moving in on the Republican Party.

A couple of years ago, Bret Easton Ellis had a hissy fit about whiny millennial snowflakes. At Bookforum, Andrea Long Chu dissects Ellis’ newest freakout beautifully (“Indeed, one cannot read White as anything but a book about being rich and bored.”).

White Kansas voters tell a researcher they support cutting school spending because it all goes to blacks who waste the money. At the link, Slacktivist scoffs at the researcher’s claim that doesn’t make the voters racist.

Right-wing pseudo historian David Barton was a big supporter of Mark Harris, the NC Republican whose campaign tried stealing votes and tampering with absentee ballots last year. Guess which party Barton claims is going to steal elections by absentee ballot?

Good for her! A sheriff resigns rather than obey a court order to reopen an unsafe jail.

To wrap up on a book cover note, here’s one by Charles Binger.

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