Links about that Gillette ad, sexism and abuse

The Gillette ad criticizing toxic masculinity no more implies “masculinity is bad” than “poisonous mushroom” implies all mushrooms are deadly. Some men don’t see it that way. Vox adds more. Isabel Cooper points out that yes, as others have pointed out, the ad is still calculated marketing — but it’s still a good thing. Fox’s Brian Kilmeade, however, attacks the ad using the same arguments it criticized: men are just that way. Online misogynists now hate Gillette. So does accused sexual harasser Charles Payne. The NRA declares the ad is bullshit because “men were meant to be dangerous.”

Right-winger Tammy Bruce harks back to the old Undead Sexist Cliche that without masculinity, humanity wouldn’t get anywhere.

A woman went to eat at the high-priced Nellos restaurant in NYC — where she says they wouldn’t let her eat at the bar alone because they’re cracking down on call girls. I’m willing to bet they will never try to discourage johns by banning men.

Christians in Houston sued a library on the grounds a story hour with drag queens doing the reading violated their freedom of religion.

“This year we saw with startling clarity that what many of the nation’s powerful men share is less talent and vision than arbitrary cruelty, pleasure in retribution, bullying, shouting, sneering, a sense that they’re above consequences, and an unusual dependence on golf.”

Some incels are convinced that an average women lives like a male billionaire.

Book riot argues that female-written fantasy for adults is too often classified as Y/A because, girls.

The Violence Against Women Act and the funding it channels really do reduce violence against women. Too bad Congress let it expire last year. And the Trump Administration redefined domestic violence to refer only to actual physical assault, not emotional or verbal abuse.

Another day, another anti-gay preacher with an alleged secret life. Evangelical’s abuse problems go much deeper.

Then, of course, there’s Bryan Singer.

New York City makes a step forward in abortion rights.

How Kamala Harris became the target of a birther smear (nonsensical — they admit she was born in the country, but claim as her parents weren’t citizens yet, she isn’t natural born). Oh, and there are equally gibberish charges of election fraud.

For at least a century, people have complained that feminists wanted to be men. Same old, same old.

White supremacist Richard Spencer’s wife says he abused her.

Robert Patterson, a right-wing pundit turned Trump Social Security official, opposes birth control. One reason? He claims condoms deny women the touch of semen, and semen makes women happier.

Ashley Judd’s harassment lawsuit against Harvey Weinstein got tossed out on technical grounds.

Tucker Carlson thinks women making more money than men is baaaaad. But criticizing him for his views is baaaad too and will lead us to a dark age.

And let’s not forget, the wave of right-wing authoritarians across the globe may differ in many details but they all want women in chains.


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