Sex, sin and … darts? Covers for Wednesday

As I’ve mentioned before, for a long time paperbacks were the go-to source for stories with S-E-X. Case in point:

I think we all know what they’ve been doing, right?

This one’s not only rapey, it’s fricking weird. In that position, I’m pretty sure her breasts should not be rising upwards like that.

Sex and SF combined! But I have to say even as a horny teen I wouldn’t have found “endless games of sex” with a cyclops a turn-on.

Cover by HG. I’ve no idea what darts have to do with anything, but I like the look.

Now, for something completely different—
A scene from Marv Wolfman and Steve Gan’s Skull the Slayer, a 1975 comic about a former Vietnam POW and several others (angry black guy, angry feminist, rebellious youth) who find themselves in a lost world inside the Bermuda Triangle. While DC’s Warlord took a similar concept and made it a hit, Skull one never quite found its footing. Still it’s an interesting mix of multiple 1970s pop-culture tropes, as I wrote about over at Atomic Junkshop.

#SFWApro. All rights to images remain with current holder. Art for the first three covers is uncredited.

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