Another post about the shutdown

As it stretches out longer and longer, Vox points out one reason: Trump’s a lousy dealmaker who can’t be trusted to do anything he agrees to (and he’s not currently agreeing to anything). Plus he seems to have no idea what’s going on, just like he and his team didn’t know what effect a shutdown would have (for what it’s worth, at least he’s a lousy autocrat)

So it’s small wonder even his advisers are hoping he’ll issue an emergency declaration and courts will shut it down. Saves face, doesn’t waste money on a useless wall — but this could go horribly wrong. Unfortunately Trump’s base loves the wall, so we’re stuck in a shutdown. Plus the possibility Trump will take disaster relief funds from Puerto Rico and California to build it.

Oh, and the White House now says even if Trump gets an emergency declaration, he might keep things closed so the Democrats don’t feel they’ve won. Because he’s a petty, vicious little shit-gibbon who’s not only a sore loser but a sore winner.

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2 responses to “Another post about the shutdown

  1. Zosimus the Heathen

    I’ve unfortunately not been following the current US government shutdown as much as I probably should be (particularly as I now have family living in the States, who’ll presumably be affected by it to some degree). I was actually in the States during the last one (in 2013), though, which was kind of an interesting experience. I found it rather ironic how (like the current one) the previous one was started by the so-called “party of personal responsibility”, who then did their seeming best to make it all the other side’s fault! I seem to recall Obama having no time for their bullshit, however, and telling them that they had to own it.

  2. It’s always the Republicans. The first big shutdown back in the Clinton years was Gingrich’s idea.
    They’ve been pushing the idea it’s the Democrats fault, but nobody’s buying.

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