It could all have gone horribly wrong

When I began thinking about posting something thankful, that’s the thought that leapt into my head.

Back when I met TYG slightly over a decade ago, we lived a thousand miles apart. Moving up here was a big, honking step, and it could easily have gone wrong. I’d never lived with someone I was involved with. TYG hadn’t had a roommate in a while. Like countless other long-distance couples we could have discovered that waking up next to each other was an entirely different experience from seeing each other every couple of months. A significantly worse experience.

I could have wound up not finding any sort of job, or a non-writing 9-to-5 job that didn’t bring in much.

We could simply have fallen out of love.

Despite the occasional rough spot when we’d been long distance, I felt surprisingly confident it would work out. Much more so than TYG, who was nervous about me giving up my job, my home, my friends to be with her. Even so, I knew perfectly well it might all go belly up.

But it didn’t. We’re still together, we love each other more than we did, and we have the pups. We’ve now had them longer than half their lives, which is cool.

So as always, much to be thankful for.

#SFWApro. I’d include a photo of TYG, but she’d rather I didn’t.

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