Assorted links, mostly about Republicans

“What their research has found is that younger white evangelicals who remain white evangelicals do not differ very much from older white evangelicals in their political/cultural views. That might mean that most younger white evangelicals remain politically indistinguishable from older white evangelicals, but that may only be because any younger white evangelicals who do not will thereby cease to be “evangelicals.” — Slacktivist.

According to the QAnon conspiracy, Jeff Sessions should be rounding up the Democratic pedophile Satanists for Trump by now. True believers struggle to grasp it ain’t happening. Slacktivist looks at religious-right conspiracy claims bureaucrats are hiding the cure for cancer.

Oklahoma’s new governor, Kevin Stitt, thinks requiring childhood vaccinations violates freedom.

A social networking site for the alt.right splits on whether the organizers or the posters are secret social justice warriors.

By his own statement, Sen. Mitch McConnell’s #1 goal from 2008-12 was to make Obama a one-term president. After last week’s election he’s suddenly discovered that partisan politics is bad.

A history of Jerome Corsi, a lying liar who lies.

Florida Panhandle Rep. Matt Gaetz encourages Republicans to get tough and stop the Florida vote counts while Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis are still ahead.

Following the election, some members of the Federalist Society decide it’s time to be anti-Trump. Much like Roy Edroso at the link, I’m unimpressed until they actually do something seriously opposing Trump — if they just wring their hands, it’s merely CYA to protect their reps should Trump go down.

The Breitbart website wants you to be afraid, very afraid!

A high school class celebrates with a Nazi salute. And Mississippi Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith praises someone by saying if he invited her to a lynching, she’d show up. A Kansas Republican tells a black woman attending a planning meeting to remember he’s part of the master race.

Trump has bared reporter Jim Acosta from the White House based on a doctored video. CNN is suing.

A former classmate of white nationalist Faith Goldy tries to figure her out.

Tucker Carlson reported an attack where antifa protesters broke down his door. An attorney says Carlson lies.

Over on the Democratic side, Charles Pierce argues the Dems should keep Nancy Pelosi as Speaker (some Dems disagree).

The FBI stats on hate crimes are wildly inaccurate.

An incel rant on how women forgive handsome men for farting, but not incels. I’m totally convinced.

Climate change guarantees that this year’s hurricanes and wildfires are what we can expect going forward.

The public supports teachers’ demands for higher pay and more school funding. But they don’t want to pay more taxes to make it happen.

Incels believe that women judge beta males who fart (” I can tell by his unattractive face that he’s a psychopath who’s out for blood and craves children.”) much harsher than alpha males (“they discreetly smell his fart to figure out what food he ate so they can get an estimate of what his semen tastes like.”). No, it’s not a parody, though it is as absurd as their other beliefs about women’s sex lives.

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