Scooby Doo, thieves and Robin Hood: two movies, one play

SCOOBY DOO: Mask of the Blue Falcon (2013) takes place at San Diego Comicon parody (the in-joke costumes are a sight to see) where the big event will be an early screening of the new Blue Falcon and Dynomutt movie re-imagining the corny 1960s show as a grim Dark Knight (why yes, the Batman analogy is intentional). But now Blue Falcon’s archfoe Mr. Hyde (Shaggy: “He’s the monster that taught us to be afraid of monsters.”) seems determined to kill the project — could it be the actor from the TV show? The star of the movie who wants to get back to Serious Films? This is fun, though it makes me wonder if there’s any serious Dynomutt fanbase or if he just survives from being tied to Scooby-Doo. I also wonder if one of the voice actors deliberately made his obnoxious security head sound like Paul Lynde, a comic actor who did a lot of voices for Hanna-Barbera. “I have 22 turtlenecks, all the same color — I recognize patterns.”

RIFIFI (1955) lives up to its billing as one of the great heist films. A tough hood fresh out of prison gets an offer to participate in a smash-and-grab job on a Parisian jewelry store, but suggests that cracking the store’s safe, while completely impossible, would offer a much higher ration of risk to reward. Unfortunately there’s a crime boss who discovers what’s going down and decides to horn in … A first rate film, great looking (I think it must have been location shooting) and completely absorbing. “I liked you — I really liked you — but you know the rules.”

LeAnn bought us season tickets to the Playmakers theater as an anniversary present; while we missed the first show in August, we caught this month’s production, SHERWOOD: The Legend of Robin Hood at the end of September. This retelling of how Robin grew from a shallow child of privilege into a champion of the poor (“All of us in this country are traveling together.”) reworks the familiar adventures with a lot of fun and humor, and the staging positively flaunts that they’re doing epic adventure on a small budget. Marion gets a larger role than usual (she’s the master archer) and King John is constantly quoting Shakespeare, though nothing from Shakespeare’s Prince John. A fun start to our year of viewing. “‘Manners maketh man’ — that’s what my grandmother said right before they lopped off her head”

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