Assorted political links

A Minnesota wedding-video company argues it’s not simply filming weddings, it’s making movies that send a pro-straight marriage message. Ergo recording gay weddings would violate their free speech requirements.

An 11-year-old shoplifter ran away from a cop. So he tased  her.When I first heard about tasers they were being touted as an alternative to shooting people. Instead of a fatal shot, cops can electrify them; it’s unpleasant but they’ll live. Instead, they became an easy way to stop a fleeing suspect or enforce compliance (like a 10-year-old boy refusing to wash a cop’s car). Sure, a cop could risk an 11-year-old shoplifter getting away, or risk using physical force to subdue someone, but tasering them’s so much easier.

Speaking of shoplifting, Walmart and other companies are getting aggressive about demanding repayment from shoplifters, even if they’re not charged or convicted.

Reinhold Niebuhr looks at preachers fawning on the White House — in 1971.

“Someone keeps pushing a joke or a meme to see how far they can take it, and the answer turns out to be pretty fucking far.” A look at free speech on Reddit and efforts to draw the line.

“The difficulties in divorcing masculinity from misogyny aren’t confined to the tricky business of rape prevention.” — from an article on training kids away from toxic masculinity.

Tech companies have come in for a lot more criticism due to sexism, alleged fraud and other misdeeds. But inside Silicon Valley they don’t see it.

Court prophet Jerry Falwell Jr. argues that liberals hate Trump because he sees himself as a servant of the people. No, he doesn’t.

Lying liar Gavin McInnes of the misogynist Proud Boys insists American Nazis do not exist. Even though, as noted at the link, he hangs out with lots of them.

Speaking of lying liars, Dinesh D’Souza feels it’s leftwing propaganda to portray General Robert E. Lee as a man who supported slavery and secession. Except, you know, he fought for both. Nevertheless, lots of conservatives love D’Souza.

The Catholic Church fights aggressively against extending the statute of limitations for child molesters to file claims (like the nightmare we’re learning about in Pennsylvania). LGM reminds us that Sinead O’Connor brought up abuse in the church more than 20 years ago, and was villified for it.

Pat Robertson thinks a woman molested years earlier should just get over it.

LGM argues that a tape of Trump saying the n-word would have an effect in 2020. We Hunted the Mammoth looks at the insecurity underlying Trump Invincible memes.

So Democrats are allowing people in local races to select a platform based on local attitudes (don’t push gun control in gun-happy places, emphasize protecting Social Security if you have a lot of seniors). As this doesn’t fit the Democrats Are Too Radical meme, the NYT has an alternative: if Dems don’t run on a single platform, they don’t stand for anything. Here’s a column from 25 years ago discussing how Dems were being intolerant in not letting a pro-life Democrat criticize the party’s pro-choice position at the 1992 convention.

Stephen Miller’s uncle rips his nephew a new-one by pointing the Millers are a family of immigrants. Kevin Williamson’s brilliant response (yep, that Kevin Williamson) is that we’re all descended from immigrants, so who cares?

#Shetoo? A female professor at NYU harassed a male student for several years.

A Missouri right-to-life group is quite willing to back a forced-birth Republican even if he’s a Nazi.


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