There was no room for these added links about sexism in this morning’s post

So here we go! Some are a bit old, I really need to clean out my bookmarks more regularly.

Samantha Field responds to a blog post about how men want to marry debt-free virgins without tattoos. According to the original post, that’s not all men want: we also want women who haven’t gone to college (they might get ideas above their station) and ideally have stayed at home under their father’s control until we meet them. In short, as Field puts it, it’s not about tattoos, it’s about desiring women who have no independent life at all.

Good idea Oregon: A ban on anyone convicted of partner violence from buying guns.

A woman had a miscarriage. The pharmacist refused to provide her with abortion drugs because of his religious beliefs. Of course, it’s a miscarriage so he’s not saving the baby’s life — but despite the health risk to the woman, he wouldn’t “kill” the baby. I’m sure we’ll see more of this until we reach the same point Ireland was at for years.

A standard counter-feminist argument is that women don’t get the top jobs or good tech jobs or high-paying jobs or [insert similar item here] simply because they make different choices from men. And those choices are completely unaffected by social pressure or companies’ policies (much the same way Megan McArdle imagines poor people choose to be poor). Wired however, shows how tech recruiting sessions come off sexist which turns away women.

I hadn’t heard about this before, but the suffragette movement a century ago defended itself from police violence with jujitsu.

Another day, another non-Muslim terrorist.

Working with women can reduce gender stereotypes.

The Trump family, where a woman eats what the man tells her to.

Evangelical male supremacist Doug Wilson says that a man who has sex with a hundred women is like a “master key” whereas a woman with hundred lovers is just damaged goods like a broken log. But of course he’s not saying a man who sleeps around is better than a woman who sleeps around! Yeah, right.

Minnesota Republican Jason Lewis thinks it’s a bad thing we can’t call women sluts any more. People can and do, it’s just they’re more likely to get called out for it. Which for conservatives is the same as tyranny and thought policing.


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