Friends, writing, reading: a link post

First the friends: Maggie Maxwell from my writing group has a story up at Daily Science Fiction, Love Letters From Robots. Fellow local writer Michele Berger has Nussia up at Book Smugglers.

Now the other links:

A look at how some romance writers game Amazon’s algorithms, and the trademark lawsuit over the word “cocky.”

An economist argues that we don’t need libraries because we can buy any book from Amazon. So close down libraries, making Amazon more money and saving our taxes!

Some fans of the old She-Ra series think her reboot looks too tomboyish. Her creator begs to differ.

As a Raymond Chandler fan, I love this photo guide to the LA locations in his stories.

Abebooks recommends the best dystopias (what a phrase!). Red Clocks is one of them (a world where abortion is outlawed, probably coming soon to a future near us).

Whiteness in American cinema (could Ferris Bueller get away with all his crap if he was black?)

What to pack for a major con. The collapsible bottles seemed like such a good idea, I bought some.

Writing near-future SF when tech is changing so fast.

How to strengthen our muscles while we’re sitting.

Seanan McGuire is justifiably PO’d that the sequel to Sparrow Hill Road has been e-pirated before it hit the stands (“No one is unable to afford it, because no one is supposed to be buying it. The book is not out in any country. No one is being prevented from reading it by regional restrictions.”).

Star Wars fans harass Lucasfilm employees for not giving them a suitably male-centric narrative in the new films. As Atomic Junkshop says, these dudes don’t realize they’re the Sith.

#SFWApro. All rights to cover image remain with current holder.

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