Links on writing and sort-of related topics

John Scalzi on the difference, if any, between art and entertainment.

Doris Egan on why no amount of research will guarantee a totally accurate book. And ways you can cheat without readers objecting.

Egan again, on heroes whose problems are unsolvable.

The simmering resentment of some Star Wars fans for movies with female heroes depresses me. As Greg Hatcher points out at Atomic Junkshop, they’re on the side of the empire.

Writer Nicole Dieker discusses how self-publishing changed between her first and second novels, and why the second sold so much less.

There’s a lot of gold in dragon hoards. What would happen when the heroes bring it out?

With net neutrality over and AT&T merging with Time Warner, what will it take for Netflix to survive?

Why Pixar makes so many sequels.

Some fans argue that everything Dr. Strange does (or doesn’t do) in Infinity War ispart of his master plan. At the link, an argument on the theology of Dr. Strange and why the argument is unconvincing.

The history of politics and race in country music.

Trends in romance book covers.

And to wrap up, here’s a wild cover. Art regrettably uncredited.

#SFWApro. All rights to image remain with current holder.

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